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[2000AD] What kind of "magical artifacts" could be found in world of 2000AD?


Hi there,
for a Judge Dredd campaign I rewrite an old Shadowrun campaign about finding magical artifacts for an organisation. The premise for Judges will be the break up of an artifact smuggling ring. I am not sure if the origins of the Shadowrun artifacts fit into the 2000AD world without changing the backstories of the items. What could be the origin of a typical "magical artifact" in 2000AD?

Thanks in advance


Well, that was fun
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Probably not in a Dredd campaign. Magic fits in with a bunch of other worlds of 2000ad but Dredd is more sci-fi.

Maybe if they were psionic artifacts instead?


One of Dredds arch enemies is "Judge Death": A zombie and dark magic user from an another dimension. PSI-Judges can specialize in exorcism for ghost hunting. The supernatural in form of magic doesn't seem to be too far away from the Judges...

Psionics always needs a living mind to be created, so its a little tricky to create psionic items except all items are alive. I've read about some aliens in the JD wiki, so maybe advanced alien tech could cover sci-fi and magic-like ablities, right?


Judge Anderson has fought demons and entered the Hell dimension too, while Judge Fauster was the head of the magic sub sector of Psi-Division who made a pact with demons to gain immortality. I recall a vampire Judge as well

There was the guy who nailed a fetish mask to his own face too, he could create undead and kill at a distance

Hmmm most Dread magic seems to involve zombies and demons and other things for Judges to slaughter


So one of the coolest things about Judge Dredd is that it exists in one of the most awesome universes. The Predator race comes to Megacity 1 in a short arc. This also means that it exists with Alien, Die Hard, and Commando. There is even the suggestion that 40k is the same universe just 38k years more advanced. Alien and Predator offer a great opportunity to use advanced (even for Dredd) technologies as "magic artifacts". Just think of how science and technology would look to someone in the middle ages, a zippo would probably get you killed as a sorcerer.

As for alien interactions there are alien substances that are banned, not just tech, because of their extraction process. IIRC there is an alien race that has an organ that is used to extend human life. It's not unimaginable with LUNA-1 giving us more rules for space flight, and the existing WOIN N.E.W. source materials to find tech that could seem "magical". Cheers mate, glad to see others still interested in this game.