2005 ENnie Nominations


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I am pleased and honoured to announce the nominations for the 2005 Gen Con EN World RPG Awards. On behalf of the judges and the Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate those nominated, and indeed, everyone for their work in the past year. Some of the categories were quite contentious with some fine submissions making for more than one close call.

Best Fan Site
Honorable mention: www.paranoia-live.net/news.php

Best Cartography
City State of the Invincible Overlord (Necromancer Games)
Dungeons of Doom (Green Ronin Publishing)
e-adventure Tiles Dungeon Details vol 2 (Skeleton Key Games)
Temple Quarter: A City Quarters Sourcebook (The Game Mechanics)
World Map of Greyhawk (Paizo Publishing)
Honorable mention: Hudson City: The Urban Abyss (Hero Games)

Best Art, Cover
The Authority (Guardians of Order)
Beyond Countless Doorways (Malhavoc Press)
Blue Rose (Green Ronin Publishing)
Ex Machina (Guardians of Order)
Paranoia XP (Mongoose Publishing)
Honorable mention: Iron Kingdoms Character Guide-Full Metal Fantasy Vol 1 (Privateer Press)

Best Art, Interior
Dark Legacies Players Guide (Red Spire Press)
Dreaming Cities (Guardians of Order)
Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved (Malhavoc Press)
Vampire: the Requiem (White Wolf Publishing)
World of Darkness Ghost Stories (White Wolf Publishing)
Honorable mention: Ars Magica 5th Edition (Atlas Games)

Best Production Values
Ars Magica 5th Edition (Atlas Games)
The Authority (Guardians of Order)
Warhammer Fantasy RPG (Black Industries)
Werewolf: The Forsaken (White Wolf Publishing)
X-Crawl Color Edition (PandaHead Productions)
Honorable mention: Red Star (Green Ronin Publishing)

Best Writing
Iron Kingdoms World Guide: Full Metal Fantasy Vol 2 (Privateer Press)
Meddling Kids (Pandahead Productions)
Murchad’s Legacy (Parent’s Basement Games)
Valus (Different World Publications)
World of Darkness Core Book (White Wolf Publishing)
Honorable mention: Beyond Countless Doorways (Malhavoc Press)

Best Rules
Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin Publishing)
Ars Magica 5th Edition (Atlas Games)
Blue Rose (Green Ronin Publishing)
Burning Wheel (Burning Wheel)
Capes (Muse of Fire Studio)
Honorable mention: The World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook (White Wolf Publishing)

Best Adventure
DCC 11: The Dragon Fiend Pact (Goodman Games)
Maure Castle: Dungeon Magazine #112 (Paizo Publishing)
Slavelords of Cydonia (Bad Axe Games)
Trouble at Durbenford (Necromancer Games)
Villiany Amok (Hero Games)
Honorable mention: Danse de La Mort parts1-8 (White Wolf Publishing)

Best Adversary/Monster Product
Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin Publishing)
Foes of Freedom (Green Ronin Publishing)
A Magical Soceity Beast Builder (Expeditious Retreat Press)
Monster Burner (Burning Wheel)
Old World Bestiary WFRP (Black Industries)
Honorable mention: Master and Minions 1: Swarm of Stirges (Behemoth3)

Best Campaign Setting/Setting Supplement
Black Company (Green Ronin Publishing)
Hudson City (Hero Games)
Iron Kingdoms World Guide: Full Metal Fantasy Vol 2 (Privateer Press)
Valus (Different World Publication)
X-Crawl Color Edition (PandaHead Productions)
Honorable mention: Valdorian Age (Hero Games)

Best Supplement
Advanced Gamemasters Guide (Green Ronin Publishing)
Beyond Countless Doorways (Malhavoc Press)
Dark Champions (Hero Games)
Temple Quarter: A City Quarters Sourcebook (The Game Mechanics)
Vampire: the Requiem (White Wolf Publishing)
Honorable mention: Werewolf: the Forsaken (White Wolf Publishing)

Best Aid or Accessory
Area of Effect Packages (Steel Sqwire)
Battlebox: Core Fantasy Set (Fiery Dragon Productions)
Conan Pocket Edition (Mongoose Publishing)
Dungeon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)
Future Tiles: Starships (Fiery Dragon Productions)
Honorable mention: Vampire: the Requiem Storytellers Screen (White Wolf Publishing)

Best Free Product or Web Enhancement
Danse de La Mort parts1-8 (White Wolf Publishing)
Dungeon magazine map and handouts (114-122) (Paizo Publishing)
Fort Griffin Echo Vol 1, number 1 (Dog House Rules)
Harphq.com (Iron Crown Enterprises)
A Magical Society: Guide to Monster Statistics (Expeditious Retreat Press)
Honorable mention: Necromancer Games web page

Best Electronic Product
Sponsored by DriveThruRPG.com
Buy the Numbers (ST Cooley Publishing)
Counter Collection Digital (Fiery Dragon Productions)
Danse de La Mort parts1-8 (White Wolf Publishing)
Frontier town Ft Griffin (Dog House Rules)
PCGen 5.8.0 (PCGen)
Honorable mention: Campaign Suite Extended (Twin Rose Software)

Best Game
Ars Magica 5th Edition (Atlas Games)
Capes (Muse of Fire Studio)
Fireborn Players Handbook (Fantasy Flight Games)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying (Black Industries)
World of Darkness Rulebook (White Wolf Publishing)
Honorable mention: Burning Wheel (Burning Wheel)

Best d20 Game
Blue Rose (Green Ronin Publishing)
Castles & Crusades (Troll Lord Games)
Dawning Star: Operation Quick Launch (Blue Devil Games)
Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved (Malhavoc Press)
X-Crawl Color Edition (PandaHead Productions)
Honorable mention: Masque of the Red Death (White Wolf)

Best Publisher
Fiery Dragon Productions
Green Ronin Publishing
Necromancer Games
Paizo Publishing
White Wolf Publishing
Honorable mention: Guardians of Order

The Voting booth is now open. Best of luck to all the competitors!
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Congratulation to all the hard working and talented individuals nominated.

And a special tip'o'the'hat to those who have not previously been recognized by the ENnies!


Slumbering in Tsar
I guess WotC didn't enter again this year...

Hats off to BiggusGeekus for Murchad’s Legacy (Parent’s Basement Games)!

Would it be possible to denote the game system that each of the nominees are in? I certainly have no clue about some of the ones above and I'm sure others are in the same boat.


Wulf Ratbane

My thanks to all of the judges for their hard work, and of course for the honor of our nomination.

Congratulations to all of the other nominees!

Congratulations to all the nominees. This year there were many, many excellent entries. I know I had a very difficult time narrowing my choices down in many categories (and from the discussions we had, so did the other judges). Best of luck to everyone in the voting!

Michael Morris

First Post
Dextra, is that the order that the awards will be announced in? (I must have the order right before I open the booth).

EDIT: Nevermind - I'll launch it with this order - it can't be that far off and it's not that important that the voting list matches the order given out anyway (IMO)
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5ever, or until 2024
That is a great list of products and publishers! I cannot even imagine how much material the reviewers had to go through...thanks!

A shame some major publishers are out...especially with WW and WHFRP in. I think it would be an even fight no matter what.


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The d20 Game should be d20/OGL game as Blue Rose and Arcana Evolved aren't d20 games but outside of that quibble, it looks like a fantastic running.

It'll be interesting to see how all the '2nd' edition publishers, Warhammer 2nd ed's Black Industiries and White Wolf's new World of Darkness, come out against some of the other fans of more established settings and games.


*smiling* I believe the comment out of Clueless upon Planewalker being nominated was 'BOOOYAAAHHHH'.

*smile* It's an honor and we're pleased as punch to be listed on the same page here as the other people nominated for ENnies this year. Some surprises on the various lists, and some expected. This will be damned interesting to see, but everyone is deserving that's gotten up here. Congrats to all involved.



w00p!! *happy dance* Luck to all, but - wow - *grins wildly*

Ok - now I can have a more calm and rational response (really!) - it's an honor to be nominated, and we'd like to thank the judges so much for nominating us. I'm looking forward to this. Congradulations to all!
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Now to check out the websites before making my voting decisions - also time to try and check some of the books out (at least the cover art I can easily see without purchasing)

Somehow not unexpected that there are a lot of nominations for Green Ronin, Malhavoc, White Wolf, Mongoose and Necromancer Games in there.

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