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Release 21 Characters: Clement Sector is now available!

21 Characters: Clement Sector is now available on DTRPG and the Independence Games webstore.

IG Webstore: 21 Characters: Clement Sector

DTRPG: 21 Characters: Clement Sector - Independence Games | Clement Sector | DriveThruRPG.com

Characters for all seasons!

21 Characters brings you 21 denizens of Clement Sector. These can be used as player characters or non-player characters. They may be allies, contacts, rivals, or enemies.

Within these pages you'll meet a Cascadian Congressman, a young thief from a wartorn world, a racing commentator, a pilot which happens to be an uplifted Panda, a bounty hunter, an evangelist, and many more! While created with an array of Clement Sector rules and supplements showing the strength of the setting, this book can also be used with any 2d6 SF setting or game.

Grab your copy today and prepare to meet the future!


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