[2d20 STA] How Useful is the Player's Guide?


The grade the 2d20 thread got me cracking open my STA CRB again. After I built a crew member in a VTT and got the virtual dice rolling, I've decided I'm going to commit to running an adventure around an IRL table and an adventure via VTT.

So...I'm wondering what the STA Player's Guide adds to the mix for players? Viewing the drivethrurpg preview, it's hard to guage how essential or useful the content is. I'm aware that unlike player's guides for other TTRPGs, the STA one doesn't contain rules. For IRL table play I like to have at least 1 print copy of the CRB and any essential player handbooks at the table, but I don't want to spend $ on something that's more optional than essential.

If anyone who own's this publication cold comment on it, it'd be much appreciated.

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aramis erak

I'm aware that unlike player's guides for other TTRPGs, the STA one doesn't contain rules.
You were lied to. Underlining added to highlight the issue.

There aren't many, but there are new rules elements, most notably, new roles. They're almost all Character Gen alternate entries; some are collation from other products.

It's good to have one in the group, but not of need for every player to buy

Most of the book is setting information, and it's an excellent grounding if you have a player not familiar with the trek trope set. . The telepathy sidebar (p212) is not exactly a rule, but it explains a lot more what can be done, and provides a REALLY useful chart of which att & discipline to use when.

More thorough advice on traits and values. Not quite rules, but rules explanation.

New roles:
Administrator, Ambassador, Armory Officer, Bartender, Bodyguard, Chef¹, Child, Civilian Bureaucrat, Constable, Expert, Intelligence Agent, Merchant, Political Liaison, Ship's Doctor², Spiritual Leader, Translator
¹: Reprint from Klingon core.
²: different from CMO.

Expansions w/in Char gen.
Alternate lifepath environments, upbringings (reprint from Klingons)
Allied Militaries rules
More talents

New types of character
Ambassador creation rules
Civilian Character rules.
Cadet Rules
Child rules

Alternate advancement system


I worded my OP incorrectly. What I actually meant to say is that I'm aware that the STA Player's Guide doesn't contain the rules for the game like for instance the D&D 5e Player's Handbook does.

Your comments are much appreciated. It sounds like the STA PG brings a good number of meaningful options to the table. I'm strongly considering getting the hardcover, so my group who'll play around an IRL table will have a copy to browse.

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