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This is the active record thread for the characters participating in The Ansylin Campaign.​

Caravan Campaign Scenarios:
Act I: The Untamed Wilds: Caravan Campaign
Act II: TUW: The Steel Trade (IC)
Act III: TUW: Boga City
Act IV: TUW: Welcome to the Jungle

Ansylin Campaign Scenarios:
Act I: TUW: Out of the Maelstrom
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Sheldon Nathaniel: Primary NPC


Sheldon was born in Boga City, the trade hub of the continent, to parents who joined the Ansylin Silk Caravan as collectors when he was a small child. Being outgoing and easy to get along with, he quickly made friends with other children of his age group. A friendship that knitted into a tight bond as the children grew to adults. As an adult, he too worked as a collector like his parents but showed a real talent for cooking and spent more time cleaning and preparing game than gathering spiderwebs. Noticing, even at an early age, that he could sense things that others could not, energies in the weather, the land, the plant and animals, and other people almost like strings tying everything together, led him to test his ability to tug those strings when no one else was around.

Having been away from the caravan with the rest of The Southroad Seekers for almost 3 weeks, Sheldon has learned the value of armor and developed more of a propensity for manipulating way, particularly in causing harm by electromagnetic interference. He or Sannit tend to do most of the talking for the rest of the group.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Torvald Ericsson: Former Secondary Character (PLAYER: Tellerian Hawke)
Secondary NPC (Shield Archetype)
Current Location: Bergbaulager


Torvald and Merindell are an unlikely pair; their personalities are almost diametrically opposed, yet they share a bond of friendship that is akin to brotherhood.

Torvald Ericsson was born to the caravan, the son of one of the principal silk merchants, a man by the name of Buliwyf Ericsson. "Tor" is tall, taller than his father, being of hybrid Dahmre stock (Norikadian tribe), standing an impressive 7'4" high, and being extremely muscular, with a wide, athletic build. His blonde hair is long, straight, and braided into a single, thick cord. His round eyes are an icey shade of blue, which gives him a piercing, serious gaze. He carries a medium-length, weighted-tip sword that he calls a "Shimrin Hallstatt"; these swords are favored by mercenaries from Asylim. He also carries a large, pine wood shield. He prefers to fight up close, using "sword and board" as he puts it, but he will use a bow, if his enemy will not come to him; Tor is fond of saying, "Real men prefer to fight with swords, so that they can see each other's eyes."
Gender: Male Strength +1, Confluence +1, Will +1
Height: Tall (7'4") Body +1, Strength +1
Build: Stocky Body +1, Strength +1
Race: Dahmre
Skin Coloration: Light Adhesion +1
Skin Hue: Chromatic Adhesion +1
Eye Shape: Round Persona +1
Eye Color: Light Knowledge +1
Tribe: Norikadian
Fortitude (H)4/5Invocation (A)Wisdom (K)7
Flexibility (M)4/5Evocation (CH)Psyche (PA)3/4
Might (S)4/5Hemostasis (CF)Discipline (WL)2/3
Vitality (F)Synergy (IN)Acuity (WS)
Agility (FL)Emulsion (EV)Cognizance (PS)
Power (MI)Symbiosis (HM)Resolve (DC)

Combat: 10
Collegiate: 10
Commercial: 10

Projectile: 10
Academic: 1
Obscurative: 10
Discipline: 10
Defensive: 10
Item and NumberLocationEffect OneEffect TwoEffect Three
Rodent Skull Talisman (1)

Lighter Pine (2)

Belt Pouch
Health +1

Fire x2
Lizard Claws (2)NecklaceMotility +1Strength +1
Fisher Claws (5)BeltAdhesion +1
Spider Fangs (2)NecklaceCohesion +1
Boar Tusks (2)BeltConfluence +1
Bird Skull (1)NecklacePersona +1
White Stone (1)WristbandWill +1
Armor TypeCoverDeflectSoakHindrance
Harnin Banded Pine Shield30202025
Right Lacquered Lizard Bracer1020159
Crocodilian Surcoat70121628
Black Lacquered Deerskin Belt1018146
Acrylon Tunic607212
Laminar Deerskin Cuisses20846
Harnin Armored Deerskin Greaves20303028
WeaponDamageWeapon HindranceArmor Hindrance
Shimrin Longsword33150114
Hickory Recurve Bown/a200114
Harnin Arrows10
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Merindell Silveroak
Primary Character (Aberrant Monk Archetype) No Longer Retired.


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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Indigo: Secondary NPC (Retired in Southroad Fair)


Indigo was born to the caravan because her mother was its herbalist. Her father, one of the caravan's hunters, was killed by a wild boar during a routine hunt when Indigo was still a child. She is diminutive and agile like her parents, being Faethrins, but showed more a talent for swordplay and less of an interest in herbs as she grew. Shortly after the loss of her father a new family of Centrins joined the caravan from Boga City. Though as opposite in appearance and personality as night and day, she took an instant liking to the pale Centrin child, Sheldon. A liking which grew into a inseparable bond. As an adult, her mother still being the caravan's herbalist, Indigo became a guard that traveled out with the collectors, though maturity also showed her the importance of learning what she could of the herbs, since some were vital in healing wounds, not just flavoring meat.
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Gamer Extraordinaire
Del Sannit: Primary Character


Del Sannit (called Sannit by everyone) was born to the Ansylin Silk Caravan on the night of a vicious sandstorm that killed three other people. The 'Del' in front of his name means 'trade' or 'switch' since he was coming into life as others nearby were leaving. He is average height and muscled from disciplined training. Sannit was taught combat by his parents as a guard for the caravan. He first killed a man at fifteen, a thief running away from the caravan with a bag of loot. When Sannit looked into the bag expecting money or other valuables and instead found food it shook him to his core and he swore to only kill when necessary from then on. His favored weapon is the spear but he carries a pair of matching battleaxes for backup and a crossbow for range. He is quick to smile and laugh and has a sense of humor about almost everything except Bolo, his mate, who he is fiercely protective of. Sannit and Bolo are constantly together, so much that the rest of the caravan called them San-Bolo for short.

Away from the sheltered caravan Sannit is finding life different and even more dangerous than he thought. He cannot help but see new people as either potential threats or allies where before he would see a possible friend. Adapting to this realization has caused him to try and outthink his opponents even when not on the battlefield. As Southroad Fair develops he ponders the possibility of raising a family there with Bolo, but there is a lot of work to do first.

Sannit has noticed the change in Bolo since she bonded with the bear. For most of his life she has been his constant companion but now she leaves him for short intervals to walk her own path. He is proud of his mate for this development. She is an exceptional woman and deserves better than to merely follow in his footsteps.
Character Data: Gender: male (Strength +1, Confluence +1, Will +1, Commercial +1)
Height: Average (5'10") (Motility +1)
Build: Average (Athletic) (Health +1)
Race: Aedaman
Skin: Medium (Light Tan) (Cohesion +1)
Complexion: Normal (Cohesion +1)
Tribe: Ansylin
Eyes: Round (Personality +1)
Iris: Dark (Brown) (Persona +1)
Vision: Normal
Hair: Wavy (thick)
Color: Dark (Brown)
Style: Short, Bearded
Ears: Oval
Nose: Straight
Birthplace: Nomadic (Silk Caravan Ansylin Desert) (Combat +1)


Ansylin (spoken)FluentAnsylin (written)31%
Language# of Words
Crocodilian Bracers201688
Knobbed Lizard Spaulders201688
Harnin Plated, Deerskin Tunic60302084
Acrylon Hauberk607212
Black Snakeskin Boots20842
Halarin Lanzita20180
Harnin Carving Axes1050
Single-Hand Crossbow200
Stone Bolts7
Bloodstone1BeltHealth +2
Aluminum Ingot1BeltMotility +2
Chromium Ingot1BeltMight +2
Emberstone1BeltCohesion +1
Iron Ingot1BeltConfluence +2
Copper Ingot1BeltPersona + Will +2
Silver Ingot1BeltAdhesion +2
Lead Ingot1?Dissemble x2
Development Points 10/07/19, 0 saved
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Gamer Extraordinaire
Bolo: Secondary Character


Adopted by the silk caravan as a child, and bonded to Sannit almost immediately, Bolo has never spoken of her life before the caravan to anyone but Sannit. Her tribe was wiped out in a mysterious event that left her with a jagged scar on her left cheek running from the corner of her mouth to her ear. Bolo is quiet and guarded, letting Sannit do the talking, and follows him faithfully so much that the pair were deemed San-Bolo by their friends. She trained as a caravan guard alongside Sannit, focusing on archery. She is a deadly shot with a bow, but keeps a pair of matching long knives ready in case an enemy gets too close like the time a giant spider jumped on her back. She has an undeveloped talent for supernatural abilities (or way) that she is not as shy about using as others with the same gift. She described it to Sannit as "Invisible strings tied to everything in the world. If you know how to tug the strings, you can do anything." Something about her demeanor gives others the impression that she has already seen the worst in people, and not much can shock her now, except giant spiders.

After another altercation with giant spiders in which her mate, Sannit, was wounded, Bolo has developed a mild phobia to spiders. She has begun researching for a way ability that will protect her from arachnids.

Bolo's bond with Turtle has brought unexpected changes within the woman. Where before she was content to follow Sannit around and supplement his life, and in secret truth rely on his protection from the hostile world, with the bear at her side she has begun to feel the confidence to leave the side of her mate for short periods to make more efficient use of her time.
Gender: Female (Health +1, Cohesion +1, Personality +1, Collegiate +1)
Height: Short (5'2") (Health +1)
Build: Average (Athletic, Curvy) (Motility +1)
Race: Faethrin
Skin: Dark (Bronze) (Confluence +1)
Hue: Melaninic (Confluence +1)
Tribe: Da'Roneh
Eyes: Oval (Will +1)
Iris: Dark (Brown) (Persona +1)
Vision: Normal
Hair: Curly
Color: Dark (Black)
Style: Loose, Unkempt
Ears: Lobeless
Nose: Straight
Birthplace: Nomadic (Comabt +1)


Ansylin (spoken)FluentAnsylin (written)42%
Hooded Lizard Tunic6010512
Pigskin Shirt30426
Hooded Lizard Skirt301056
Acrylon Skirt30723
Black Snakeskin Boots20842
Recurve Oak Bow20075
45 Bone-Headed Arrows5
51 Flint-Headed Arrows7
20 Harnin Arrows10
20 Shimrin Arrows11
Shimrin Kukri115075
Raven Feathers3TunicInvocation +2
Songbird Feathers5TunicDiscipline +2
Robin Feathers5TunicMight +2
Flycatcher Feathers5TunicMotility +2
Heron Feathers3TunicEvocation +2
Blue Jay Feathers5TunicPsyche +2
Turkey Feathers3TunicFortitude +2
Teal Feathers3TunicHemostasis +2
Vulture Feathers2TunicAdhesion +2
Mend Leaf2horseMend x2
Soothe Leaf2horseSoothe x2
Mend Flower1horseMend x3
Soothe Bark1horseSoothe x3


While out in the Wilds hunting, San-Bolo came across a young sun-bear poking at a turtle with his paw. Attempting to reach out to the bear with Way to let him know they meant no harm, Bolo could feel the lonliness and noble heart within the creature. She formed a tenuous bond with the animal and over the next few days the woman and the bear came to love each other and decided to make the bond permanent. Bolo named him Turtle in honor of the moment that she first saw him. Sannit likes the bear, but is not attached as Bolo is. He wonders if one day the bear will tire of following humans around and wander back into the Wilds to live as animal once more.
Name: Turtle
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male (Strength +1, Confluence +1, Will +1, Commercial +1)
Height: 6'
Build: Stocky (Strength +1)
Race: Bear (Mind -6, Health +4, Motility +2, Strength +4)
Tribe: Sun (Motility +2, Commercial +2)
Eyes: Round (Persona +1)
Iris: Dark (Persona +1)
Vision: Enhanced Night
Smell: x4
Birthplace: Nomadic (Combat +1)
Sun bear Hide100168n/a
Language# of Words
0xp saved(bolo), 0xp(turtle) 10/07/19
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Vadin Grav (Primary Character)

D&D Vadin-1a.jpg

Vadin Grav

Vadin was born to the tin caravan out of Boga City. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, which left an emotional void in the young boy. The young boy took after his father Adud, who was a caravan guard. Growing up, Vadin wanted to be part of the guard, so he trained for much of his childhood to accomplish this, leaving the carefree world of his peers behind.

Vadin is a somewhat tall man at 6’7” and athletically muscular. He has shoulder length dirty blond hair, and sports a red beard. His appearance is much like his father's though slightly lighter in all respects, except for his eyes. He has his mother’s blue eyes, as many who knew her have pointed out. His preferred weapon would be a greatsword if he could find a smith able to make one.

GM: The following data is translated from your 3.0/3.5 D&D, 5L fighter.

[sblock=Character data]Gender: Male (Strength +1, Confluence +1, Will +1, Commercial +1)
Height: Tall (6'7") (Strength+1)
Build: Medium (Athleticly Muscular) (Health +1)
Race: Aedaman (Commercial +1)
Coloration: Light (Adhesion +1)
Hue: Carotenoic (Cohesion +1)
Tribe: Centrin
Eyes: Oval (Will +1)
Iris: Light (Blue) (Knowledge +1)
Vision: Normal
Hair: Wavy
Color: Light (Dirty Blond)
Style: Loose, Unkempt, Red Beard
Ears: Oval
Nose: Narrow
Birthplace: Nomadic (Combat +1)[/sblock]
[sblock=Bodily Stats]
Combat Tasks:
[sblock=Mental Stats]
Commercial Tasks:
[sblock=Mystical Stats]
Collegiate Tasks:
Centrin (spoken)fluentAnsylin (spoken)34%
Ansylin (written)33.1%Spiofthest11.1%
Laminar Bovine Spaulders2018912
Crocodilian Tunic6016824
Acrylon Hauberk607212
Acrylon Kilt30726
Laminar Goatskin Greaves20846
Goatskin Boots20848
Harnin Thinsword20150132
Harnin Fighting Knife1050132
Bloodstone1?Health +1
Aluminum Ingot1?Motility +1
Chromium Ingot1?Strength +1
Black Stone1?Adhesion +1
Orange Stone1?Cohesion +1
Burgundy Stone1?Confluence +1
Yellow Stone1?Persona +1
Magnesium Ingot2?Will +1 / Harmony x2
[sblock=Awarded DP]
Nothing here at this time.[/sblock]
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Timing and Movement:

OOC: Now that we have run through several combat sequences and made a few adjustments concerning timing and hindrance, I have decided upon a system of progression and incrementation which should, hopefully, make sense and appease for the use of large numbers (d100), which seems excessively long.

GM: A Combat Sequence lasts 1 second which is divided into 100th by random roll, called tics. Recalculation will not be necessary until all combat participants have been able to react once, though some may be able to react more often in that time. The Combat Sequence, as it is now posted, list the order of initial reaction and does not include locomotion, attacking, or manipulation of way.

Note: The average human brain in real life can perform 5 conscious actions in 1 second, making the normal reaction time 1/5 of or .2 seconds, which corresponds to 20 of 100 in the game.

Movement is also figured into timing: Motility = max strides / second(100 tics)

From a standing position, 1 stride = 50, 1 pace = 100
Second motion, 2 paces = 100
Third motion, 4 paces = 100.
Forth motion, 6 paces = 100...
The maximum = Motility Score in paces / 100 tics

This should seem more reasonable, now, that an arm length sword has a hindrance of 100, meaning that it takes 1 second to effectively swing the sword from a resting position. Fighting with two weapons simultaneously halves the weapon hindrances after the initial swing.
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Earning Experience:

OOC: There are 3 methods of earning DP:

Individual DP can be earned for the character activity described in posts made by players, especially for dialogue. It is possible to acquire party DP if an innovative idea is presented.

Party DP is awarded for all active characters and companions.

Completing Tasks:
Party DP is given for the completion of specific tasks. This is also the best method of generating wealth for the characters. Specific tasks can be given by any NPC involved in the campaign or can be incidentally character generated.

Tasks that are not completed within a certain time frame are voided. For example, in the past the party discovered a citrus orchard but did not convey this information. After leaving town on a new quest, this information was removed from party inventory.
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