3.5 Homebrew World nin Anthem, AZ North Phoenix


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I am trying to get a 3.5 game started in my new homebrewed world. Game nights are Saturdays. I have two players and looking for a couple more. We will meet weekly or bi-weekly in Anthem, AZ, which is a short ride up I-17 from Phoenix.

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Starting up a new game in Anthem, AZ based on a new homebrew world. Meeting Saturdays weekly or bi-weekly. Schedule is negotiable. The world has several small kingdoms with wide areas of untamed lands. The more civilized worlds to the west are separated from monstrous kingdoms of the east by a nearly impassible mountain range populated with several giant kingdoms. The only easy passages are through a large and well defended dwarf kingdom that spans the range east to west (underground) and a southern passage that is controlled by a society of undead ruled by a counsel of liches through their swamp domain. The other kingdoms to the north of the undead must work with the evil leaders, as the only river passage out of the middle of the continent is through their lands. They raid the monstrous kingdoms to the west for food. Their reliability in keeping the passage open (for their own gain) and the fact that they keep the Orcs, goblins, gnolls, and worse out of the eastern lands is the only thing that keeps the kingdoms from open war. That and the power of the undead nation (Dread Rahlia).

This world is not nearly as old as most campaign worlds, as there are lots of demi-human kingdoms left. The age of man has yet to arrive, though they do control a good section of the middle of the continent just to the north of Dread Rahlia. There are large cities supposed to be on a large, and more tame, island off the southwest coast, but the knowledge of this sea faring empire, and their trading partners in other lands is not great, and hardly ever first hand.

Let me know if you are interested.
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I don't live close enough (nor do I have a car, I use my feet and public transit), but you may check the AZ_RPG Yahoo! Group (go to Yahoo.com and check the Groups section, and search for AZ_RPG). It's an e-mail group where you can try asking around for players or whatnot, though you have to get a Yahoo! e-mail account in order to join any Yahoo! Group for e-mail purposes etc. (I *think* you might be able to send e-mails to the group's e-mail address, but you couldn't receive e-mails at that address unless you joined the group).

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