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Free 365 Creature Prompts


The blank page is facing you and you need to find the right critter to bedevil, amuse, threaten, or help the heroes (or villains) of your campaign. What to do? Check out 365 Creature Prompts, that's what! A PDF filled with a suggestion a day for a new creature to inspire the imagination. Not only that, but several of them are done up by a slew of talented contributors to demonstrate the variety in the prompts and the versatility for systems. FATE, Cypher, Pathfinder (1e and 2e), and D&D 5e are all covered in the sample creatures, and all of them illustrated by the talented Sarah Dahlinger. Names like Shanna Germain, Nerdarchy, yours truly, and others all bring you some fun ideas to help you kick off your next great adventure.

Each of us has our own cover too, so check each of us out. My website is below, with a link to the free PDF and more information. Enjoy!

Take care

Don Walsh, creator, writer


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