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Baron Centauri stands within the center of the strange device, laughing manically as rays of energy pour out all over him.

"He's growing stronger from that thing!", one of our team mates shout at you, "We've got to stop him!"

The power amplifer is a bulky base device that temporarily (permanently?) increases the abilities of anyone who steps within its center. If the GM wishes this could also be used for any number of other things.

The power amplifier is a perfect addition to any super hero or villain base. This piece of machinery could also be easily added to a variety of other gaming genres, from post apocalypse to fantasy/sci-fi fusion to space opera style settings. This model is printed in one single piece. The default size settings are perfect for miniatures on the 28mm to 30mm scale. Naturally this item can be resized in your slicer program to meet your needs if your miniatures are on a different scale.

Here’s the default dimensions for the power amplifier: 100mmx56mmx46.17mm

Many folks often ask the designer what settings are recommended for printing various files. Depending on your printer, your slicer program, your choice of materials, etc. these recommendations can change. The designer tests these files on a Qidi X-Smart (using the native Qidi slicer), an Ender 3 printer (using Cura), and an Ender 5 (using Cura for the slicer). Of all of these the most common option for most hobbyists would be the Ender 3 with settings in Cura. Here's the recommended Cura settings that have worked for the designer's test print using the following: Ender 3 (printer) or Qidi X-Smart, Hatchbox, Duramic3d, or Stronghero brand 1.75 PLA filament. Please note that these settings print very slow, but should provide you a nice finish with details. You can always speed the settings up if you prefer speed over fine detail.

Layer Height: 0.06mm
Wall Thickness: .8mm
Top Thickness: .6mm (10 layers)
Bottom Thickness: .6mm (10 layers)
Horizontal Expansion: 0mm
Infill Density: 15mm (Grid Pattern)
Printing Temperature: 200 C (for PLA)
Build Plate Temperature: 60 C
Enable Retraction: Yes
Print Speed: 40mm
Supports: Cura's experimental tree supports are recommended for this particular file.


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