Free 3D print your own phone animated portals! - Calling Portals by Black Scrolls Games


This is our newest project, we designed several 3D printable teleport gates, portals, and interactive terrain pieces.
We are planning to make an app/html5 site where you can align the animation easily and touch the screen to end/start the animation.

You can download a free portal from the description!

Get ready to explore new worlds with these 3D printable terrain pieces and portals!

Bring your role-playing game sessions to life with our animated gates that hold your phone, displaying portal animations to enhance your gaming experience.

18 portals + stretch goals, support us now: CALLING PORTALS

Help us unlock more portals! Thank you! :)


We have carefully designed the models to be supportless, allowing you to print them easily on FDM machines without the need for additional support.

Visit the Calling Portals project for more pictures/videos.


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