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Pathfinder 1E 3PP support for Pathfinder


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So who are the 3PP that will definitely put out products catered for Pathfinder? PDFs preferred, but print products okay too.

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There's the Tome of Secrets already, here.

I think the Paizo site has (or had?) a list of PF 3pp companies, with some ideas as to what they'd be making, as well.


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I am!

My adventure, The Gift, was scheduled for release on Friday, but the publisher is making some changes so it will be released in about a week, but its the first of three modules for an introductory mini-campaign set in Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting.

It is being created entirely with Pathfinder in mind.

I am currently working on the Alpha rules for the setting, which will be available as a free download with the purchase of the The Gift, adventures. So far, races are complete, classes is more than half way created, then I need to create new feats, new spells and several prestige classes - I'm sure it will be ready by end of week, then perhaps in editing for several days, so it won't make it for release by the Adventure's release. Probably a week later though.

I talked to Jason Buhlman about it at Gencon, he's looking forward to reading the Alpha rules.


PS: Dementia 5 Publishing House is the primary publisher on this.

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