Kickstarter 4 Hours Remain - Lands of Theia Kickstarter


4 hours left to help us hit what will likely be our final stretch goal and a full chapter of Enemies & NPCs, for all 3 editions!

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The lands of Theia, by Steven Rasheed James, is a new campaign setting we are launching through Kickstarter for Pathfinder 1e, Pathfinder 2e, and D&D 5e. This fantasy RPG world offers:
  • twists on existing races
  • new owlfolk, variant orc, gnoll, and 2 lizardfolk races, as well as the backer-voted dworgs and leporine (rabbitfolk)
  • new classes and character options including feats, spells, and more.
  • A full chapter detailing the world's countries, history, pantheon, and planes that can be used within the world or dropped into your own.
We have preview content already started on the first update, and more throughout the month. We already have over 3/4 of the funding complete, and we're looking at starting on stretch goals once that's covered.

So if you want to continue seeing us make new content for each of these editions, please consider backing this awesome world and help make it happen.
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LoT - Gladiator PF2.jpg
LoT - Gladiator 5e.jpg

Thank you. We're also available to answer any questions related to the Kickstarter if you have any. Either here or on the page as a backer.
- The Samurai Sheepdog Team.
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We're about 4 days in now. We're already well past our funding goal and almost to our first stretch goals. We've gotten in some new art and I have updates with addons I've included upon request. Here's a look at our gnolls in Theia.

The gnolls in Theia live in and run the country of Borboto. After a band of them saved some gnomes from danger, the fey gave them the ability to see and distinguish color. Since then, they've made it their lifes' work to bring color to the world through textiles and beautiful clothing like that which is displayed here.
Male Borbotan Gnoll.jpg


We're within $500 of our next stretch goal, adding a new class to Chapter 2 of Lands of Theia. Here's a look at the options we've put together for the survey that will determine which one we translate to this setting.
Expanded classes.jpg


Added a new post to thank all of you for giving us a little bit of your time and open the floor to any questions you may have regarding the book and the campaign.


The surveys are in, and we are excited to preview the results on our most recent public update.


Just 3 days to go, and we're breaking out the big guns in hopes of not only hitting $6,500 for deathless, but pushing into $8,000 to add a whole chapter of Enemies & NPCs.

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