Pathfinder 2E 48 hours left to back Devabhumi, a Pathfinder 1e and 2e setting inspired by Ancient India!


Hi, my name is Khan and I am the person behind Devabhumi. I am of Indian origin, and I have always been interested in non-European rpg settings. There is such a treasure trove of untapped stories, monsters, and legends in Indian Culture, which can provide fresh and unique content for your campaigns.

Devabhumi is a high fantasy TTRPG setting inspired by the history and epics of Ancient India. This setting features:
  • 100+ pages of lore
  • 8 new races
  • 20+ historical weapons and armor
  • 25 monsters inspired by Indian folklore

And much more!

You can check out the project here:


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Atlatl Jones

It looked really cool, and I chipped in a bit to follow the updates. Do you know if you’ll be offering it as a POD? I don’t like reading lots of setting info in PDFs.

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