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D&D 4E 4e Initiative and Effects Tracker

Dr Midnight

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STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS. Lay your eyes on my brand new amazing handy dandy Nev-R-Fail™ 4e Initiative and Effects Tracker, designed mostly to help you keep track of ongoing damage, when a save is coming up, what a character's condition is, etc.. Print one out, let me know what you think.


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Could an HP section be added for use of NPCs or when a DM notices a player with a shifty pencil? Perhaps each column underneath the defenses is cut a quarter of an inch short, with a vertical HP bar. At the top of it, a section for "Max HP/Bloodied."

I can definitely see this on my gaming table next session.


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The back of the DMG has 'combat tracker' cards, one for PC and one for monsters. Didn't have access to a photocopier so ended up taking a photo and printing that out 6 times to get enough cards. Not a great solution. This would have worked nicely. (Must subscribe to search...)

The DMG version has pros and cons vs. this version: this is great for having all the PCs numbers to hand (no more 'what's your will save again?') and having it on one page. The DMG one has space to track healing surges / second wind / action point usage, which is dead handy.

Maybe put fewer boxes on your and more info? that way people could print out multiple copies?

Thanks for your hard work. :)


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Any update to this available?

Also, anyone have a pdf / doc of the DMG initiative / condition tracker? I'm running a game on Friday and would prefer to not have to use my dodgy photo-based version.



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Broken Link

Any word if this link is being moved or fixed? Looks pretty cool and I'd like to check it out when its back up and working right.


I think you can just attach the file to your post here instead of hosting it elsewhere (under Manage Attachments) ----- correct?


Has anyone found an updated version of this? It looks quite useful but I click on the link all I see is a very small jpg. Or has anyone found anything similar?


Dr.Midnight said on CM that a 3pp was looking at publishing it, so he took it down. Strange that the Dragon Ave copy is still up.

As much as I love it, I keep track now with index cards... I know, so very Luddite of me. After playing about 4 "real" 4E game nights now, I find the best way is to have cards, mark init, then order them. Sloppy side is fishing out for damage etc. Sorry Dr. M. I wanted so much more... .

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