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Hey folks,

I published my first product for D&D 5e on DMsGuild:

Everyone has to start somewhere. However, with extensive 75 pages of text just for the standard classes, the Player's Handbook gives new players more information than they likely need or want at first. I put together a brief overview of the key abilities, so that new players don’t need to read every single detail from these pages.

In my Quick Start Sheets, the information of the 12 classes is effectively reduced to 6 pages, so that new players can quickly and easily choose one of the classes. The whole thing is offered as a bundle in three versions: German, German with English terms and English.

I put it there for pay what you want. It mostly meant for our German community but I made an English version as well. So I hope you find this useful. I appreciate any review or criticism here or on the DMsGuild.

Have fun introducing newcomers. :)
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Hello everybody, short update for those interested. The Quick Start Cards are now available again as "Quick Start Sheets". After being offline for a few days due to licensing issues.

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