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[5e] Dark Sun Wild Talents


First Post
Urgent feedback requested! I'm about to start recruiting players for a high-intrigue game set in Dark Sun. Dark Sun's my favorite setting, but with no real information for running it with 5e rules (which I think I vastly prefer to 4e), I've had to homebrew. A lot. Hoo-boy.

Since I'm homebrewing a lot, I'm giving my players lots of special perks and things, as is the spirit of Dark Sun. I really want to give them random wild talents (I'll roll a d6 to determine who gets what), and additionally offer a feat that lets them pick any 3. I wanted these to feel powerful, and be a major boon to characters. I'm concerned Contact and Obfuscated Mind might be too powerful for the intrigue-heavy game I'm planning on running. I initially had Direction Sense granting you advantage on saving throws to avoid being forcibly teleported, but I think making you out-right immune saves it from being the weakest of the bunch. I'm a little worried about it in a PvP situation... "I cast banishment on him." "Sorry, it doesn't work because of a ridiculously specific houserule." Hmm.

Anyway, here they are. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

You gain the ability to cast Sending at-will.

You gain resistance to psychic damage. You also have advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws against magic and psionics.

Mind Reading
You gain the ability to cast Detect Thoughts at-will, though you must be in physical contact with the target for the spell to be effective. This usually means that the target must be willing or incapacitated.

Obfuscated Mind
You gain the ability to cast Nondetection on yourself once per day, targeting only yourself. You regain the ability to cast it after a long rest. It does not require any material, verbal or somatic components, and you can also end the spell as a free action.

Direction Sense
You always know which direction is north. You gain advantage on Survival checks for navigation purposes. Additionally, you are immune to any effect or spell that would teleport you against your will.

You know the Produce Flame and Control Flames cantrips. Instead of using Wisdom for the attack roll for Produce Flame, you can use your highest ability score modifier instead. You can also cast Pyrotechnics once per day. You regain the ability to cast it after a long rest.

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