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The Realm of Champions
- a DND 5e West-Marches server


Are you looking for an extraordinary DND experience? Do you want to rp and lose yourself into a unique fantasy world, full of wonders and dangers? Do you want to be a part of an active and positive dnd community? Then look no further than the growing West-Marches Discord server, ‘The Realm of Champions’.


What we have to offer:

➴ Very active rp chats.

➵ Buildable player housing.

➶ Incredibly unique down-time mechanics.

➴ Voice only games, solely over roll20.

➵ A unique and balanced magic and mundane item creation system.

➶ Player buildable Inns, Taverns, Workshops, Shops and more.

➴ Player to player Item markets.

➵ Renaissance guns.

➶ All official races, feats, backgrounds and spells. Yes, everything.

➴ Support for new Dms and Players.

➵ Most importantly; plenty of games, especially for lower lv players.


What we are looking for:

Anyone who is new or experienced in playing or DMing!



Roll20, Discord voice, DND 5e


The Link

The Realm of Champions | DISBOARD: Discord Server List

( It's a disboard link so it won’t expire :) )


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