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So because the current playtest docs don't contain an adventure, but the Caves of Chaos aren't precisely usable as-is without some kludging, I've begun doing some of the heavy lifting of translating monster XP totals into 4-character encounters right over here.

I will add moar very quickly throughout the day/week in preparation for my own 5e playtest Monday, and I also accept special requests. ;)

A quick note: the traps and layouts I'm still kind of futzing with. I'll probably break the OPTA and add new monsters to the mix (I'm going to have a dragon in my games. Oh yes. And it will be "1 day's worth" of XP.). I think it's important for kobold encounters to include traps, for urd encounters to include bats, etc., so they might not be the most well-formatted things in the world, but they will be there.

Edit: Now with Easy/Moderate/Hard encounters, AND two non-combat encounters!
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