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6d6 Fireball Writing Competition


First Post
The full details of the 6d6 Fireball Adventure Writing Competition are now live: Adventure Writing Competition

The headlines are -

Write D&D 3.5 or System Neutral adventure and send it in.

We publish the best ones in a module and sell it

100% of the profits goes back to the published writers as payment

The competition is aimed at writers who have never been published before so this offers a real chance to be published and start your career as an RPG writer. Who knows, you might be the next Monte Cook.

To help new writers, we are offering a feedback service. Send us you outlines or draft versions and we will provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the adventure.

A parallel competition is open to semi-pro / previously published writers.

The deadline is short (less than six weeks away).


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The EN World kitten
Just to be clear, does the detail regarding how everything must be original mean that we can't use any existing OGC in the adventure?


First Post
That is correct.

This is mostly for the customer's benefit. Imagine buying the module and then finding out that it contains stuff you downloaded for free last month.

It is also hard for us to be sure that the person submitting the OGC material to the competition is actually the copyright holder.

If you think you have a special situation, e.g. you want to submit an adventure but one tidy part of it has been release under OGC or otherwise published, then drop me a line, Chris [at] 6d6Fireball [dot] com, and we can discuss it.



This competition actually has been altered and relaunched. Please check out the details here: Adventure Writing Competition (V2.0)

It now has a rolling monthly deadline and will be announcing winners each month. This winning entries will be published together in a module, where the authors will receive 100% of any profits from the sale of the module.

It also has an initial winner for June, the announcement for that is here. I am very pleased to be the author of the winning entry.

The Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder will be offered for free during a 'beta' phase or Open Playtest period. It should be available by mid-July.

Joshua Kitz

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