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6d6 is 200% funded with 3 days to go


First Post
Our Kickstarter is just £80 from its next stretch goal and it ends in just three days time.

We've funded the new edition of the core rule book and four adventures. With the first three stretch goals we added more art plus another adventure and the bestiary for all backers. We will add yet another free adventure when we break through the £4250 mark.

The 6d6 system is suitable for many settings, and fast, easy and fun to play. It uses a brand new system perfected over the last three years of playtesting. This in-depth video shows you [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu2qsDbcK2s&list=UU0EkiSaci9rTVmc47LDHv2w"]how to play[/ame].

Time is running out to get the system and our bonus adventures at the special Kickstarter prices.

Don't miss out.

6d6 Core & Adventures

6d6 Fireball

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