D&D 5E A Banjo of Boggles (collective name auditions)


How about an "oversight" of beholders?

Also, here are a bunch that came to me while perusing Monsters of the Multiverse

A "suck" of stirges
A "flutter" of faeries
A "hoppening" of harengons
An "amazement" of minotaurs
A "misery" of meazels
A "torment" of meenlocks
A "mimicry" of leucrotta
A "corruption" of nagpa
An "overmind" of neogi
A "crush" of ogres
A "quickening" of quicklings
A "bloodbath" of redcaps
A "gloaming" of shadow mastiffs
A "suffering" of sorrowsworn
A Crush of Ogres is perfect. Smashed it!

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An eclipse of werewolves
A sneer of gnolls
An army of fomorians
A blaze of efreeti
A whirlwind of djinni
A coating of scum
A gloaming of grue

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