D&D 5E A Book About Ropes, Bags, Books and More!


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Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce our latest crowdfunding project: The This and That Print Collection

This and That started as a series of PDFs for D&D 5e, Pathfinder 2e, and Savage Worlds. Each mini-book explores a piece of mundane equipment, like locks, rope, and books.

For each piece of gear, we include real-world history, a fantasy spin, new magic items, new monsters, and more!

Now for the first time, we're collecting the first eight topics in the This and That line as a single print volume.

This print collection is packed with tons content for GMs and players including:
  • 31 new magic Items
  • 25 new monsters
  • 6 new spells
  • 4 new traps
  • New weapons
  • New equipment
  • Random tables
  • Real-world history
  • Optional rules
  • And more!

Back early and make sure you don’t miss out!

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There's less than a day left to back the This and That Collection campaign!

You can check out the final for the hourglass room here. More than a "gotcha" trap, it's a trap you can build an encounter around.


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