Level Up (A5E) A Fix(?) For Rural Stronghold Pricing


In terms of the discrepancy, I can understand why the lower values are off just due to the rounding of the acres vs square foot scenario. It’s the upper levels that don’t make sense to me.

A level 1 rural based on the chart can cost 3000 gp max compared to a max of 1k for the building. That makes absolutely no sense, it could have just been 1-2 acres…done and done. The book numbers made it 1-6 acres for even the basic stronghold…why?

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A suffusion of yellow
Some large Roman plantations were that big. Considering that this is the greatest of strongholds, costing as much as legendary magic items…being the size of a city doesn’t seem at all crazy to me. This is like the once in a kingdom kind of place
Oh its certainly plausible, its just noting that the extra cost is justified because of the size of it.

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