Kickstarter A Folklore Bestiary (5e & Old School Essentials)

Hi guys :)

I'm the 5e "technical advisor" for this project by the team behind the Knock ! magazine (the Merry Mushmen)

With this Folklore Bestiary we try to propose a "Beasties Breviary" like no other with a lot of tools for the DM coming with each monster.

We choose to work around two of the most beloved DinDee variations : Old School Essentials for the OSR crowd and 5e for the modern gamers out there.

At the very least, even if you have absolutely no intention to spend a nickel to help us buy SUV and Sport Cars, go take a look at our free preview of 5 monsters : you'll see what we mean by "a bestiary like no other".

Thank you very much :)
Have fun.

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