A Free Christmas Present for all Travellers - Death Station!


A free Christmas present has just been uploaded for all Travellers!

Death Station is a remastering of a classic Traveller adventure, reimagined by Seth Skorkowsky, and you can download your own copy, completely free, right here: Death Station - Mongoose | Traveller | DriveThruRPG.com

Small Ebook Death Station Cover.jpg

High above a backwater world, the laboratory ship Calendula has gone silent. Believing it nothing more than a downed transmitter, the Travellers are sent to investigate. Inside they discover a grisly scene of corporate espionage, illegal medical experiments, betrayal, and murder. Worse yet, they are not alone. The only thing worse than the Calendula’s dead are the Calendula’s living… and they are hungry.

Death Station is the perfect introductory adventure for Traveller and, best of all, it is free to download!

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