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Are you currently running an RPG-related Kickstarter project? I've lost track of the many, many such projects ongoing at the moment, so I thought a compilation might be in order.

If you're running (or know of) a Kickstarter project, post it in this thread and I'll edit it into this first (news) post. I'll start off with EN Publishing's own:
  • Admiral o'The High Seas - Naval Adventures (Pathfinder, 4E): We're producing a short sourcebook for naval adventures in role-playing games, in particular Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (and possibly other systems, based on pledges). We'd like your support. Many of the most famous explorers and adventurers of history and fiction traveled by ship, but fantasy role-playing games seldom give much love to the high seas. There are whole realms of aqueous action where players and game masters have to fumble along, and since most gamers don't spend their weekends as corsairs it's not easy to just wing it. We at E.N. Publishing want to sail to the rescue. Our ZEITGEIST adventure path includes a wide variety of naval encounters, and we've developed simplified rules for GMs to handle those scenarios quickly. But there are so many more possible adventures at sea than we can fit into our series, so we'd like to expand the quick-play rules into a short sourcebook for naval gaming, Admiral o' the High Seas.
  • 12 for '12 (2.0): Shotguns & Sorcery Novels: This is the second part of Matt Forbeck's 12 for '12 project, a year-long challenge in which he plans to write a novel every month in 2012. He's already used Kickstarter to fund the first trilogy, and now he's onto Wave Two! Shotguns & Sorcery is a fantasy noir setting — think Lord of the Rings written by Raymond Chandler — first developed as a roleplaying game setting back in 2001. It takes place in a massive city ruled over by a Dragon Emperor who protects the people from the ravenous hordes of undead monsters that mass against its walls.
  • Illustrating Legend: Legend, a new d20-based tabletop RPG delivers cinematic game play, mechanical elegance, and an ever-increasing host of options for both players and Game Masters. With its “Track and Circle” system of character abilities, it gives access to ample modularity without sacrificing simplicity of play, internal balance or structure. And while Legend is geared toward fantasy gaming, it’s adaptable enough to use for almost any kind of action-adventure role-playing experience. This Kickstarter is for art, leather-bound tomes, and more.
  • Mythic Hero: “MH” is a supplement for the HERO System and is a guide to the mythologies of the world for gaming. It describes dozens of mythoi, with character sheets for gods, heroes, monsters, and other mythological beings, as well as information on their cosmologies, magical practices, and more.
  • Rusty Axe Games Dungeon Tiles: An RPG gaming aid - at least one 25 tile dungeon pack that the user will receive as a PDF file that they can print on their color printer. The dungeon tiles slide next to each other in a logical and easy to use fashion to quickly build halls and rooms of a wide variety of sizes. Additionally a Dungeon Accessories Token Pack that includes chests, oak doors, stone stairwells, fire pits and other moveable tokens that a Game Master can add to furnish a scene. But that's not all! Also including a Hero Token Pack and a Monster Token Pack so that a Game Master can run a complete table top RPG game.
  • Kaiser's Gate for Savage Worlds: Battlefield Press presents Kaisers Gate. This alternate history, genre-blending setting for the Savage Worlds game system presents a fantastic take on World War One - combining the gritty battlefields of the Great War with elements of magical fantasy and horror. Sorcerers of the German Imperial Army - fueled by the magic of red dragons - bulldoze Allied defenses and push deep into France. Heroic griffin riders of the French Air Service fight to free their nation from the daily terror of zeppelin bombing raids. British golems squads fight alongside tanks to turn the tide of battle against the Central Powers. In the darkest days of the war, in desperation, the Kaiser makes a Faustian bargain that unleashes an invasion of legions of creatures from Faerie onto the European continent.
  • Monster Stock Art & Minis: A library of stock art for all the creatures in the 3.5 RPG SRD. While the initial goal is 100 images covering the most commonly used 50+ creatures, they'd love to do a much larger set of creatures with added funds. The monster images will be created as mostly 1/4 page (5.5"x4.25" @300dpi) graphics. Some (at least 20% and probably quite a bit more) will be done as full page graphics @300dpi or larger.
  • Online d20 Character Maintainer: A subscription-based online service for generating and/or managing 3.5 d20 characters and assisting in play with said characters. This will include rolling attacks, damage, skill checks, saves, spell resistance checks, calculating spell DC, spells per day, everything associated with leveling up, and so forth. The service will also have features that will allow a DM to pull a selection of characters into a group for skill checks, saves, and more. The DM could, for example, make a Perception skill check for the players without their knowledge to notice if they heard something. Free content updates for selected content providers. This will be OGL content. The first planned content will come from Paizo's® books and The Pathfinder Role Playing Game®. Built-in chat functionality between party members and between the DM and party members because, hey, you're already in the application; why should you have to also have the chat client de jour fired up as well? At launch, support for major browsers on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. In the future, support for use on Android tablets and the iPad.
  • Story Forge - Brainstorming Cards for Storytellers: Story Forge is a deck of 88 cards packed with the elements that all great stories are built from, like dramatic building blocks. Novelists, playwrights, screenwriters and role playing gamers can easily combine them in countless ways to maximize dramatic tension and blast through writer’s block. Start by choosing a spread diagram from the 32 page booklet included with the deck. Each spread is tailored for the type of story you are working on, such as "The Love Story," "Film Noir," "The Crossroads," or "The Train Crash." Next, draw random cards from the deck and place them into the indicated positions that suggest context. Lastly, read the meanings directly from the card faces.
  • Random Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon Map: This intricately illustrated 36" by 24" playable dungeon map poster encapsulates the Dungeon Master's Guide's complete rules for generating random dungeons: Appendix A's four pages of charts are rendered into a flowchart WHICH IS ITSELF A DUNGEON. It's like the Platonic dungeon: from it, all other dungeons may be generated. Or maybe it's the Dungeon of Ouroboros. Or maybe it's D&D's missing game board. This Kickstarter ends right before Wizards of the Coast re-releases the First Edition rulebooks, so you should get your new 1e rulebooks and this 1e game poster on around the same day.
  • Player's Companion for Adventurer Conqueror King: With the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ Player's Companion, you will get: 6 new character classes, including the dwarven machinist, dwarven spelunker, elven ranger, mystic, priestess, and shaman
    144 character generation templates with pre-selected proficiencies, spells, and equipment options to create archetypes such as the Aristocrat Bard, Buccaneer Thief, Gladiator Fighter, or Runecaster Shaman. 100 new spells, including never-before-seen dweomers such as dismember, earth's teeth, and undead legion. A point-based customized class system that lets you create the perfect blend of fighting, thievery, divine, and magical power. The custom class creation rules are 100% backwards compatible with every class in the ACKS core rules and all of the classes in the Player's Companion.
  • Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon: Since 2009, readers of Grognardia have been tantalized by reports from the exploration of James Maliszewski's sprawling and mysterious mega-dungeon. Inspired by pulp fantasy and science fiction, and originally created as the centerpiece for his home campaign, Dwimmermount has also been an essential vehicle for Grognardia's rediscovery of the roots and potential of roleplaying games past, present, and future. A dozen levels deep, containing hundreds of locations
  • Edition Wars, by Gamer Nation Studios: Edition Wars is a fun-filled, tongue-in-check standalone strategy card game for 3-5 players, where you become a Gamemaster slavishly devoted to your edition of the game! In the effort to champion your edition, you will compete to be the first to assemble a complete group of six Gamers. But this simple task is complicated by the fact that the other Gamemasters are trying to steal your Gamers out from under you! You can respond in kind, defend your existing Gamers with the standard attacks of Snark, Blog, and Merch; as well as equip yourself with special gear and toss about instant critical effects, all of which will aid you on your epic quest to edition supremacy! Let the Edition Wars begin...
  • Tectonic Craft Studios New Line of War Games Terrain: How many times have you spent all that time personalizing your army, maybe with friends or at a local gaming store, only to fight an epic battle on a plain grass/wasteland board with a few uninspired hills, drab buildings, and a few generic accent pieces? Tectonic Craft Studios is looking to change that. They're looking to start making terrain as a continuous and evolving line of tabletop scenery that can grow with and adapt to a constantly growing and changing war games community. War games need high detail, durable, yet affordable terrain that is easily and intuitively assembled to get it built and on the table.
  • School Daze: If you like narrative-driven roleplaying games with light systems, and easy character creation, you'll love School Daze. It's gaming, in a high school setting, and it rocks. High school is a time that everyone remembers. We see it everywhere: in movies, and books, and music. But what we see there isn't real high school, and neither is School Daze. School Daze uses high school as a vehicle to tell fun stories. Stories like you'd see in Saved by the Bell, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, The Breakfast Club, or Brick. School Daze is high school, but it's high school the way you want it.
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Evil Hat is gearing up for our first official one (we've ridden shotgun on some of Daniel Solis's in the past); it launches March 20th, and is going to be a Spirit of the Century tie-in trilogy of novels (if all goes well). First sneak peek at The Dinocalypse Trilogy, here: dinocalypse Deadly Fredly


Battlefield Press is running one for a new Savage Worlds setting:

Kaiser's Gate for Savage Worlds
Does dog-fighting with dragons pique your interest?
How about golem anti-tank squads?
Zombies as weapons of mass destruction?

Then you'll want to check this out...

This alternate history, genre-blending setting for the Savage Worlds game system presents a fantastic take on World War One - combining the gritty battlefields of the Great War with elements of magical fantasy and horror.


Thanks for putting this list together!

Monster Stock Art & Minis

Collection of high quality monster stock art. Choose web versions or print quality versions. Also has rewards for laminated cardstock (400+ for $25) & PDF minis. Already funded, but more pledges = more art & variety of minis.


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We at Sneak Attack Press are planning to launch our first Kickstarter in about a week or so. Its for the second Advanced Encounters book (the first was Terrain Toolbox). This one deals with alternate objectives. We started a thread earlier asking about reward ideas.
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Links, folks! I need a link to the Kickstarter page itself, please! :)
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Autarch has six days left on a Kickstarter for the Player's Companion, the first expansion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System which was successfully crowdfunded this summer. The Player's Companion presents new character classes plus templates for quick chargen and guidelines for designing your own classes, plus new spells and (thanks to having met bonus goal #3) guidelines for creating new spells. We're now going for its final bonus goal at $25,000, in which all backers will get a special preview of the Auran Empire campaign setting we'll be Kickstarting later this year.

Autarch is also helping Kickstart James Maliszewski's Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy Megadungeon. It's written for Labyrinth Lord, also comes in an Adventurer Conqueror King version (you get both in PDF), but so much of its awesomeness is exploration and sense-of-wonder that I wouldn't hesitate to run it for whatever RPG my group was into. Autarch's partnership with James is a real thrill for me because it was his blog Grognardia more than anything else that showed me the light of the OSR and it's fantastic to see the dungeon that we've been reading about in three years worth of session summaries from his home campaign. If somehow you are not already reading Grognardia but have been hearing that the OSR Kool-Aid is tasty, James is Kool-Aid Man, and backing Dwimmermount gets you access to drafts of his magnum opus right away. At $5 for the entry-level backer reward, the first taste might as well be free, but I should warn you that the $10,000 backer reward is as much temptation as I could dream up after six cups of Kool-Aid on an empty stomach.
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This is IndieGoGo, not Kickstarter, but Rite Publishing is currently collecting funds for the Martial Arts Guidebook, which is a Pathfinderized supplement based on concepts from the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords. Rather than new martial adept classes, the goal is to create similar mechanics based on traits, feats, stances, archetypes and specific weapons, including unarmed combat; being available to all PF classes.

I will be doing some development of this for use in Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story, as will Frank Carr for Jade Oath.


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Steven Long has one for Mythic Hero, a supplement for Hero.

As a long time Hero supporter, I'm already pledged on this one. I fear it will struggle - the price point is high. Steve has been honest enough to lay out how he came to his pricing goals.

It's also going to be a huge book - how much have we spent as gamers to get 300-400 pages of material? Steve's past work has been very solid, so this will, I expect, be a solid product if it goes ahead.

It will also, I expect, have a lot of use for non-Hero gamers. A discussion on building a pantheon seems pretty useful for any fantasy world-builder, whether in Hero, d20 or otherwise. And all those Mythoi, researched and described, would make it pretty easy to assign domains to Aztec, Hindu or Sumerian (to select just three) deities for a d20 game, campaign or nation. Any Fantasy gamer can likely make use of such a resource.

Check it out - maybe it's a good add for your gaming library!


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Ben Durbin (Wulf Ratbane) of Bad Axe Games got Kickstarter funding for a monster book for Trailblazer/3.5. The book is reportedly in final edits and layout. Occasional artwork has been posted on the Kickstarter page.

Funding was achieved, and is no longer needed. But it's a Kickstarter project still . . .

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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