D&D General A gift which arrived yesterday

This arrived yesterday. It’s a birthday present* from my friend Shane Stacks (of the Shane Plays podcast/radio show) — a Jeff Easley art piece, one of my favourites. You can buy this piece and others from Jeff Easley's website.

*my birthday was in June but this had to ship from the US

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


Well, that was fun
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Thanks -- though to clarify, my birthday was a couple of months ago! This just took a while to cross the Atlantic!


My favorite D&D cover (and artist) of all time. I have an 8x10 signed by Jeff, but since he got the larger prints available, I need to order a new one :)


Nice! I got the Unearthed Arcana cover art... as a gift to myself. I was surprised and humbled by my thoughtfulness.

Happy belated.

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