A Keep On The Borderlands: Arrival

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Comoray casts about for any other fallen soldiers who look like they are in need of assistance. It is tempting to issue an order for some of the men to begin gathering the fallen so that he may make use of his more powerful channeled healing, but for the moment it seems better not to chance the remaining beastmen getting away so easily. As for the remaining skurg, it would be wrong for him to get in the way of Bastian winning glory in combat against the enemy champion.

[sblock=OOC]Using stabilize again on anyone who needs it in range, and if there is no one Comoray begins moving towards where Sh'aah, Cassie, and some of the other troop were fighting.[/sblock]


First Post

Sh'aah's face showed a deep sense of satisfaction as the last beastmen in front of him were slain. He paused a moment to observe the keep. There was little else alive and in sight besides the two soldiers and himself.

Glancing up at the keep, Sh'aah heard the continued crack and snap of crossbows firing. It made sense...archers would be on the roof. Glad none were facing his way, the ranger turned to the soldier girl on his horse while stowing his weapon. "Wait. Need rope," he muttered, putting his right hand out to grab the coil of rope and grappling hook that were stowed in the saddle bags.

Std action: stow double axe
Move action: retrieve rope/grappling hook from his horse

Dr Simon

Bastian fails to get a decent hit on Aarach, but the badly-wounded skurg is equally unsuccessful, swinging his mangler in broad but clumsy arcs.

Aracta's magic strikes one of the crossbowmen on the keep, and it plummets to the ground with a Wilhelm scream. Meanwhile, Comoray stabilises tropper Otto, perilously close to the hooves of Bastian's horse, and then heads off around the keep to further wounded troops over near Sh'aah.

The spellcasting beastmen turns and leaps neatly fron the roof, running north between buildings. Arrow fire follows him, Janson snaps off a crossbow shot and Tye, no longer pinned down in the pigpen also fires off a shot, but the creature is moving too quickly for them.

The remaining soldiers gather around Bastian and Aarach, uncertain what to do which puts them in danger from the beastmen on the roof. Trooper Dryzen is struck down by a crossbow bolt from above.

Arcata kills B35

A miss from Aarach on Bastian.

Arrow attacks from D18, D19 and D20 against B37, all miss!

Crossbow from P1 and P4 against B37, also all miss.

D13 is hit for 8 damage by a crossbow bolt.

Comoray stabilises D8.

Dulat troops stable - D1, D3, D4, D8.
Dulat troops incapacitated - D7, D9, D13, D14, D16
Dulat troops dead - D6, D11


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Comoray mutters something under his breath as the beastman makes his break for it. He is likely going for the opening they left in the wall, but Lady Arcata is in a perilously exposed position if he decides to wrap around the building. So the crusader abandons, for the moment, his movement towards the fallen Dulat soldiers sets off at a lumbering run straight North towards both Arcata and the exit to the fort while pointing to the Penal Legionnaire in front of him, and then to the opening in the North wall.

[sblock=OOC]Run North 60 ft.[/sblock]


First Post
Bastian Sangue, human cavalier

Bastian brings himself back around as his enemy proves to have the same luck as he himself does, but even as he swings again, he realizes the men have gathered in some kind of premature fight ring as bolts injure his troops. The distraction makes the swing go wide, and he swears under his breath at the focus he's lost.

"Are there still beastmen armed and alive?" he shouts to the crowding troops? "Then leave me this one and see to it that at least one of those two things ISN'T true about every other beastman you can see!" he orders to the idlers.

[sblock=ooc]Blech. The dice are not liking Bastian these last few turns:

Bless High Ground Power Attack Challenge Greatsword attack; damage (1d20+8=13, 2d6+8=13)[/sblock]


First Post

Sh'aah turned as a warning cry escaped the lips of the lady soldier riding his horse. Spotting a beastman darting between buildings to the north, he drew breath between his teeth. "Beastman not run." he mumbled, a worried expression on his face.

"Here." he said as he thrust the recently recovered coil of rope and grappling hook at the lady soldier. Sh'aah turned northwards and set off at a loping run that could eat miles. Every step jarred his ribs, but he didn't let it bother him. No escapings!

Handing rope and grappling hook the the penal horse rider, not caring if she will take it or no (consider it dropped, effectively, since I don't want to use an action here).

Run move (120') along the path back to the northern barricade.


First Post
OOC: So....somehow I stopped getting email updates when threads got bumped....got busy at work...and decided I would check manually since I doubted people just dropped off the face of the earth in all the games I was playing. Low and behold, technology has failed me. Not a good excuse but its the one I have. I will jump in again shortly. I'm sorry for the delay.


First Post
Arcata rides around to intercept the fleeing beastman, firing another lance of skyfire from her hand as he comes into view!

(Electric Jolt at B37 after moving into LOS)

Dr Simon

Dack leads a trio of Dulat soldiers into the keep.

"Time for some house to house fighting, you slugs," he laughs grimly.

Oblivious that his empire is crumbling around him, Aarach fights on, Bastian continuing to parry the terrible weapon with his now scarred and dented shield.

As Comoray, Sh'aah and Arcata move to block his exit, the unusual beastman dashes towards Sh'aah.

"CROM CRUACH!" it yells as it drives its rapier into the half-orc. The blade merely pricks Sh'aah, but as it does so he is enveloped with a wave of frost, chilling him to the marrow and momentarily staggering him.

Arcata's magic strikes the spellcasting beastman, but doesn't put it down.

Assuming Sha''h is still conscious after that...

There is evidently something odd about this beastman - spellcasting, un-natural grace, more eloquent - and as the creature rushes towards him Sh'aah's instincts kick in and he realises what it is. This isn't a beastman at all, it's some kind of fey creature pretending to be one.

Aarach - miss Bastian.

B37 - hits Sh'aah for 10 cold and 2 piercing damage, and Sh'aah is staggered for 1 round (may only make one move or standard action)


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