Coming A New House of Horrors Adventure Coming Tuesday 3/23 for OSR Games


Coming Tuesday 3/23 to DriveThruRPG and is a brand new house-of-horrors style adventure for OSR games in the vein of OD&D and AD&D 1st edition.

DD-02 The Darkness Beneath Brightwell Manor

The long-awaited sequel to DD-01 is a standalone adventure in which the manor house of a noble spellcaster is corrupted by a mysterious influence. The Brightwell family goes insane, subjugating or killing their mercenary guards and servants, and performing all manner of horrific ooze-related experiments. Their ultimate goal: to eventually build an army of slime-infused monstrosities to threaten the nearby settlements!

All of the background information you need to play this as a standalone adventure is provided. There's a number of interesting connections to DD-01 The Darkness Beneath Dalentown, however, so you can get a lot of mileage by running the two back-to-back. Better yet, this adventure comes with several locations and situations that can add a chilling degree of personal horror to the proceedings, as the player character adventurers might find some of their family or friends have been the subject of terrifying experiments by the occult Brightwell family!

What Makes This Adventure Stand Out?

Dozens of OGL Monsters Rebuilt for OSR Play
. This adventure features all of the magic item and monster stats you need to run it in a printer-friendly appendix. Among the monsters are dozens of classic OSR monsters like the allip, zombies, vampires, grey oozes, gelatinous cubes, and more. But there are also dozens of monsters taken from other OGL sources like the 5th Edition Creature Codex and Tome of Beasts (both by Kobold Press), or Pathfinder Bestiary 3 and other Pathfinder-related resources, and are entirely rebuilt for OSR rules.

Exciting--and horrifying!--NPCs. The NPCs featured in the adventure are given "generically named" stat blocks for use in your other adventures: cult killers, blood mages, and necromancers are just a few. But each entry also includes the NPC-specific information for DD-02, which sometimes includes different weapon and gear loadouts, or different spells memorized for the day. All spellcasters are fully built, and several fully customized spellbooks can be found in the adventure so you don't have to do that prep work!

Game-day Ready Layout. The adventure uses a one-page dungeon style layout as its basis, but provides slightly more detail in a bullet-point-style format. This creates an adventure that is a breeze to read through, and especially easy to run from the page because you won't jumble up "descriptive read-aloud" text with secret information and hidden monsters or traps. The appendix includes several lists collecting the named NPCs, monsters and traps by encounter area, and magic items, so you can find everything at a glance. All the monsters, magic items, traps, and spells throughout the text that are immediately important to the adventure (such as wizard locked areas, magic missile traps, etc.) are hyperlinked to an online SRD, so if for any reason you don't like our layout of monster or item stats, you can just grab the ones online and format them however you want!

Easy-to-Reference Stats. The monster and magic item stats are all found in a separate PDF that is printer-friendly, making it easy to reference as you comb through the adventure, as you play through it on game day, or to use it as an entirely separate reference to build your own adventures with these new monsters and items! You can even cut out the magic items and hand them to your players as reference cards.

Cartography by Dyson Logos...and a Map Pack! All of the locations in the adventure utilize cartography by Dyson Logos. Some maps include photoshopped elements to add or change the layout slightly on different floors of the manor. All maps are included in keyed and unkeyed versions in a separate Map Pack PDF for easier reference, printing, or extracting to create versions for your favorite virtual tabletop. Keyed versions of the map appear in the adventure text, strategically placed to make it as easy as possible to run the adventure from your computer screen or printing it out and hanging it on your GM screen.

Check It Out Tuesday 3/23!

Stop by for updates on its release; you can take a look at the 5th Edition version that's already out now here! Subscribe using the email widget on that site and you'll get notified the day of launch.


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