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DMs Guild A new take on alchemy


I just posted my first published product on #DMsguild !

I wanted to play an alchemist, but the Tasha’s Artificer subclass didn't suit me, and I found most other attempts at the class lackluster. So I made one that focuses on usability and creativity! Stoked!

Here were my driving priorities:

1. Many versions of the alchemist just make potions, and have nothing to do when they aren’t brewing. I wanted to make the class useful even when you have run out of your primary class feature – making alchemical items.
preview 3.jpg

2. When you ARE making alchemical items, they come in three basic flavors: first, bombs, which take an action in combat to craft and throw; Second, potions and similar items that take a few minutes between combats to craft, to reward planning and preparation; and third, unique and powerful long-term items, to make up for the lack of artificer infusions.

3. The class is limited to learning only a portion of the possible fomulas, so I wanted each one to be flexible or have multiple uses whenever possible. For example, the Baleful Eye can spy on far away places, wake you when an intruder approaches, grant you truesight, or project a cone of fear. In another example, the alchemical medicine (i.e. healing potion) can be brewed more powerful to cure poison, or even more powerful to end curses.
preview 1.jpg

4. Many homebrew alchemists focus on harvesting and tracking ingredients or reagents. I feel this can go bad in many ways. Usually, they devolve into spending your hard earned gold pieces to be able to play your class. If not, you often have to take every opportunity to go looking or make “gathering” skill checks, and then make the best potion you can from the ingredients available. My version is balanced by both limited formulas known and limited uses per day. This means you can always make the item you want to.

5. If, however, you feel that harvesting and tracking reagent inventory is a key part of the “crafter class” experience, I added optional rules for extracting ingredients, and recipes for the items.
preview 2.jpg

Check it out!

The Alchemist - a class of potent and adaptable crafters - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

And if anyone wants to write a review in this tread, message me and I’ll send you a free copy.

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