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A Rather Odd Shovel [Judge: Bront]

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First Post
He busies himself with staring at Vlad Turket and makes no reply.

On the morning of the departure, he refuses to leave the inn room, saying only a brusque farewell.

There is a small disturbance at the dockside, when a tow-headed youth in a leatherworker's apron begins hurling rocks at the gangplank during boarding, for reasons that are unclear. But this miscreant runs off around the nearest corner, and pursuers find only a grey-bearded beggar, who professes not to have seen anyone pass that way.

He prepares for the return to the tunnels with grim resolve. He seems almost disappointed when others do the work before him.

He bows and smiles and waves to the crowd when it is expected, but says scarcely a word. He lets them pin the golden star to his cloak, then seems to forget about it. It accumulates fingerprints.

He spends hours staring into the fire opal.

Aboard the Diligenza, he goes first below decks to a certain one of the cabins and stands awhile there, as though trying to recapture something. Thereafter, he avoids that part of the ship, and spends most of his time sitting in the prow, wrapped in a blanket.

He visits no one in Orussus. He sets off for Grenton the very day the ship arrives. He seems not to notice his companion. The silences grow awkward. He walks the long road slowly, weighed down by backpack, rope and sack. After a few days, he leaves a pile of ordinary rocks by the side of the path.

"I thought someone else would carry my burdens, but it seems I must carry them myself," he tells Thyrin. "I need to see more clearly."

The old wizard begins to make a haversack, like the one he made before, and crystal lenses that fit over the eyes.

He borrows parchment, finds an empty room, and writes, page after page after page. It seems to help.

On the way back, he finds the rocks, still lying by the path. They go back in his new pack.[sblock=OOC]From Thyrin, a Handy Haversack and Goggles of Minute Seeing. 2000+1250=3250 gp. Pay 250 excess in gold.

Other purchases, in Fallon before the aborted tunnel run, and after return to Orussus:
Acid flasks  x3               30         3
Alchemist's fire              20         1
Antitoxin                     50         -
Caltrops x5                    5        10
Everburning Torch            110         1
Flint and steel                1         -
Hammer                         0.5       2
Holy water                    25         1
MW manacles                   50         2
Needle                         0.5       -
Net                           20         6
Pitons x6                      0.6       3
Signal whistle                 0.8       -
Silk rope                     10         5
Smokestick                    20         0.5
Tanglefoot bag                50         4
MW UMD tool*                  50         -
                             443.4      38.5
*charm bracelet of assorted miniature holy symbols, arcane crystals and whatnots, to help focus efforts to convince a recalcitrant magic item to activate[/sblock]

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