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Kickstarter A|state Second Edition on Kickstarter

Gregor Hutton

A|state Second Edition is currently on Kickstarter. It’s a new edition of this dystopian scifi RPG powered by Forged in the Dark rules.


Step inside a baroque urban nightmare, the world of a|state. In The City you’ll fight off threats to your canalside home, trying to make this grim and haunted place safer and better, somehow.

a|state brings a new, hopeful approach to the much-loved Forged in the Dark ruleset. Your ability to Care counts as much as your ability to Fight.

Create Troublemakers such as the deft and deadly Ghostfighter, the caring and curious Lostfinder, the persuasive and passionate Activist, and the striking and stealthy Sneakthief. If they can trust each other they might have a chance.


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