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Kickstarter Black Lantern Presents - Soulmist: Unspoken Tales! ON KICKSTARTER IN 8 DAYS!

Black Lantern

A dark and unforgiving crawl inside the heart of Erebos for Soulmist, based on 5E!
Coming to Kickstarter on 30th of May!


This is “Unspoken Tales”, a set of two lethal and unforgivingly brutal scenarios that lead up to the end of this world as we know it. In these adventures you will fight head to head with forces of darkness, deep inside the heart of Erebos as well as on your own turf as the Dark Saints cover the sun and spread their dark influence inside the Lands of the Old Days. You will discover unsettling truths and you will have to bear the consequences of your actions as everything falls apart and crumbles.

This will be a 200+ pages hardcover book that contains the two adventures and a myriad of new additions to the world of Soulmist!
Brutal dungeons and terrifying new foes, fabled magical items and new spells await you in the next release in the Soulmist Saga!

Unspoken Tales will launch on Kickstarter in less than a month, so make sure you don’t miss it! Follow us on Kickstarter to be notified on launch about our release!

The Crown of Twilight
The first adventure concerns intermediate adventurers as they discover the power and consequences of their choices as they uncover damning secrets and ancient conspiracies deep in the Darklands that could change Fyera herself forever. Explore, survive and thrive through the vaults of ancient sorcerers, the living dungeon inside of the Dark Saint of Fear, and the ground zero of the very cataclysm that brought us to where we are today!

In its pages you will find the following:

3 Atmospheric & Brutal Dungeons inspired by old-school fantasy gaming and industry legends such as Jennell Jaquays
10+ new Monsters to fight against and to be tormented by
A revamped system for Magical Items that fit the themes of Soulmist
20+ new Magical Items, both powerful and dangerous. Will you be able to afford their price?
Many New NPCs to introduce to your players!

The Tide of Darkness
The second adventure is an epic tale of legendary heroes as they defend against the raging onslaught of Neferu’Un’Ra on Nalda, the very heart of Lumen civilization and the Lands of the Old Days. The Dark Saint of Wrath has come to claim what is rightfully his, and taken from his care, and to do that he is willing to take the very soul of the city he is invading. Survive the Tide of Darkness and take back the city of light, hex by bloody hex!

In its pages you will find the following:

The Blueprints of Nalda, a complete map of the city as it is invaded by the Cold Mist of Nebula
10+ new Monsters from the highest ranks of the Dark Saint that will flood the city
10+ new Spells uncovered from the hidden arcane libraries of the Lumen Oracles
The Tug-of-War System! A narrative tool that allows the GM to keep track of all that is happening in the city of Nalda and that allows the players to launch their counter-attack against the invading forces
A deep and lore-friendly Encounter Generator to keep your players on their toes as they battle through hordes of enemies and rescue the victims of this war from destruction.
A myriad of new NPCs to encounter around Nalda, both friend and foe alike!

Everything is usable outside of the Soulmist world as an ordinary 5e adventure!*

Don't miss the Early bird goodies of our Unspoken Tales campaign! In exactly 8 days, "Soulmist: Unspoken Tales" is going live on Kickstarter!

As always we have limited Early Bird pledges with additional rewards! Specifically, we will offer a 10€ discount on our most trending pledge levels and those awesome limited bookmarks you know and love free of charge.

There are more surprises to come, so make sure to Follow us on Kickstarter to be notified on launch that the project is live!

What is Soulmist
Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a dark fantasy campaign setting, based on 5E. The campaign takes place in the mystical world of Fyera, a realm tormented by the endless struggle between light and darkness.

The first release in this universe, marked by the first Soulmist Kickstarter campaign that was over 400% funded, puts you in the shoes of a hero belonging to one of the five races under the Sun. Will you join the fight against the Dark Saints and the mysterious force behind them? Will your Soulspark remain bright, or will it succumb under the influence of Erebos?
Every step you take will change the fate of Fyera, every action will change the balance between light and darkness. Good and Evil are complicated concepts, so choose your steps carefully.

If you want a taste of the Soulmist campaign setting, head over to our website and download an introductory scenario to our world: A Time of Judgement, for free!

Who we are
Black Lantern Productions is an indie development and publishing company of tabletop role-playing games located in Crete, Greece. We create games set in strange and beautiful worlds, fueled by passionate and dedicated people. We all fell down the rabbit hole and found out about the wondrous RPG multiverse at a young age, and since then we have developed a taste in consorting with the darkest parts of it.

Our Links:​
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Our upcoming Kickstarter - Soulmist - Unspoken Tales
Website - Black Lantern – Welcome Adventurers!
DrivethruRPG - Black Lantern Productions
Facebook Page - Soulmist RPG
Youtube - Soulmist RPG


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