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Who we are​

Black Lantern Productions is an indie development and publishing company of tabletop role-playing games located in Crete, Greece. We create games set in strange and beautiful worlds, fueled by passionate and dedicated people. We all fell down the rabbit hole and found out about the wondrous RPG multiverse at a young age, and since then we have developed a taste in consorting with the darkest parts of it.

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What is Soulmist​

Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a dark fantasy campaign setting, based on 5E. The campaign takes place in the mystical world of Fyera, a realm tormented by the endless struggle between light and darkness.

The first release in this universe lets you play as a hero belonging to one of the five races under the Sun. Will you join the fight against the Dark Saints and the mysterious force behind them?
Will your Soulspark remain bright, or will it succumb under the influence of Erebos?
Every step you take will change the fate of Fyera, every action will change the balance between light and darkness. Good and Evil are complicated concepts, so choose your steps carefully.

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Why Soulmist​

One new world, 5 unique races, over 20 new class archetypes representing various cultures of Fyera and a ton of new feats to customize your character.

We have 3 new systems tailored to the dark atmosphere and lore of the setting. These new additions try to highlight the struggle of your Soulspark trying to stay intact throughout your journey in the dark corners of Fyera, but also to give players the chance to overcome their limits and become truly heroic. The heroes of Fyera don’t usually have statues in their image or feasts in their name. Most of them die nameless in the war against the Darklands, some of them do terrible things for the good of Fyera and an unlucky few of them survive for long enough that they become villains and monsters, but all of Fyera's heroes fight for the Light, even as the Darkness grows inside their own hearts.

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The Races​

Five new races blessed by their ancestors from beyond the Nebula of Souls, or even Fyera herself. Each race has a unique ability known as their Fyera's Gift.

  • The noble Lumen can peer outside the river of time at a specific instance of their choosing, by sacrificing the time that they have left in this world.
  • The proud Primus are able to drink the blood of mortals to sustain and empower their immortal and powerful bodies.
  • The once glorious Avernians bind their own sparks with that of an animal spirit from beyond the Nebula of Souls, transforming their bodies to match the beast within.
  • The wise Eldrasyr are the favored children of Fyera, thriving in her most wild and untamed lands, becoming physically one with the natural world around them.
  • The ruinous Yildrasyr, who firmly defend the lands of Penumbra from the most terrible threats, by willingly succumbing to the Erebos of their sparks and using its terrible powers against its minions.

The Classes​

New archetypes dedicated to the races of Fyera and their unique talents and abilities have been made for all classes. The Scholar is our own class that is a non-magical take on the traditional Bard, who focuses on inspiring his allies in combat as well as being a fount of knowledge and ambassador for the Old Nations and sometimes even emissary to the Darklands. There are two spell-casting classes, the Mistweaver and the Spiritualist, each with their ways to use magic in place of the traditional Arcane and Divine dichotomy of 5E.

Some of the archetypes included are:

  • The Avernian Pyromancer, a rogue archetype who creates their own explosives and uses bombs in the heat of battle to devestate their enemies.
  • The Yildrasyr Ashen Berserker, a barbarian archetype who takes apart both flora and fauna to mix terrible toxins they digest that alter their physiology, turning them into terrible dark warriors.
  • The Eldrasyr Herbalist, a scholar archetype who knows all there is to know about the natural world. They are the wise men and women of Fyera who use medicinal herbs to brew various concoctions that cure various ailments and with enough knowledge, even dark curses.
  • The Primus Necromancer, a Spiritualist archetype who binds the dead to their will to create powerful allies that follow them both in life and death. Select from three specializations to customize your undead ally.
  • The Lumen Oracle, a Mistweaver archetype who has honed their oracular abilities to their limits, being able not only to witness events from different times, but can even manipulate time in the present to their advantage.

New Backgrounds​

Choose backgrounds from three different categories: Origins, Roles and Destinies. Your Origin determines the type of life you lived before you joined the war efforts and the skills you acquired from then, your Role determines your place in your culture and what you have learned from it, whereas your Destiny determines the deepest desire that you have in your Soulspark.

You can choose a background option on your own, or roll a d20 on each of the three tables to create a randomized background. Some options are more detrimental while others are more beneficial, but these backgrounds offer a glimpse into how the people of Fyera live their lives.

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EREBOS Instead of Alignment​

Erebos is not a measure of good or evil, it's the struggle of living with the traumas of the past. Some experiences are harder than others but when something painful happens, the player must make an Erebos roll. If they're unsuccessful, they gain an Erebos level. Each cumulative level stresses and harms the character’s psyche, darkening their Soulspark and bringing them closer to their demise. As the levels increase, conditions called Soulscars will cloud the character’s mind, and even bring whispers with them from the deepest corners of the Darklands. At the end, when they are only one step away from total oblivion, some even long for the dreaded scent of tartarus.

The Scales of Nebula​

The Scales of Nebula is a new system that reinforces the core concepts of Soulmist. When two opposing sides clash in Fyera, the battle takes place metaphysically in the Soulmist as well, with the Soulsparks of each side growing or weakening based on the outcome. Players can use a new resource called Light Sparks to empower some of their class features with the power of the Light, increasing their potency or even adding new effects to it. Meanwhile, all hostile creatures the GM is in charge of can spend Dark Sparks to empower themselves or curse the players with the terrible touch of Erebos. Spending these Sparks means pulling light or darkness from the Soulmist and materializing it in the physical world. When combat ends, the side with the least Sparks remaining, even if victorious, weakens their respective side of the Soulmist. For the player characters, this means that there is a chance for their Sparks to further descend into Erebos. Sacrificing one’s own light in the name of victory is a choice that the heroes of Fyera must make with every step they take.


There is a unique brand of magic that no one dares to talk about, no one thinks about without trembling in terror, only whispers about it are heard around hidden groves and dark altars. This type of magic requires its user to extinguish some of their own Light in order to bring it into fruition. Some argue that this is too great a cost, while others see it as a grim tool that is necessary in the war efforts. The more a player character uses this magic they are corrupted by its power, suffering a condition that causes their spark to gain Erebos at a faster pace. With the use of new feats, one could try to tame this magic and lower the risks it carries.

What will you choose when the reaper is one breath away from your friends? What is more important? Their lives or the integrity of your soul and the legacy you leave behind?

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