Kickstarter Soulmist Dark Fantasy World Setting for 5E.

Black Lantern

Greetings from Greece,

Soulmist is a dark fantasy world setting for 5E.

One new world, 5 unique races, 25 new classes and archetypes, over 100 new monsters and 150 new feats and spells. But wait... There is more!

We have 3 new systems tailored to the dark atmosphere and lore of the setting. These new additions try to highlight the struggle of staying intact throughout your journey in the dark corners of Fyera, but also to give players the chance to overcome their limits and become truly heroic. The heroes of Fyera don’t usually have statues in their image or feasts in their name. Most of them die nameless in the war against the Darklands, some of them do terrible things for the good of Fyera and an unlucky few of them survive for long enough that they become villains and monsters, but all of Fyera's heroes fight for the Light, even as the Darkness grows inside their own hearts.


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