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This Halloween play as the one of the classic monsters fighting off evil people in this new horror parody RPG, live now on Kickstarter!

It’s your chance, as a regular old witch, vampire, ghost, werewolf, mummy or Not-Frakenstein monster to team up with one another and help the people fight the evil people! Yes, all of you are depressed and maybe a bit rusty, but you still have your powers, charm, magic and a lot of heart!

Discover MANSTERS now! Fight back the evil people and get the respect and fear your deserve!

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Mansters is a new horror parody RPG by Black Lantern Studio (Soulmist, Soulmist: Unspoken Tales). In Mansters, players choose their character between the 6 available options of classic folklore monsters (Vampire, Witch, Ghost, Werewolf, Mummy and the Frankenstein monster) that have been depressed, because they cannot spread fear as they used to. That’s happening because evil people (or Mansters as we call them) have taken their place in society, feeding off the misery and hopelessness that they inflict on human society. It’s now the classic monsters’ job to team up with the good people in society in order to overthrow the evil people, the real Mansters of this world!

The Mansters book is an 150 pages book that includes all you need to create your characters, learn and play the game. The game can be easily learned within 30 minutes and players can very quickly create their characters and start playing! Mansters features a number of fresh game mechanics, including the Hack & Slice system, an easy to grasp game system of allocating your abilities and skills, the Edge, which allows players to give a dramatic and narrative effect created by themselves upon a successful confrontation in the game and the Skutendo effect, a funny and creative system that resolves all the failed and unlucky players’ encounters that can cause the DM to bring over monster hunters to hunt the players-monsters.

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Players will play against antagonists that include the mega-coproration CEO, the local loan shark and the town’s corrupt mayor in their attempt to help the local society, overthrow the evil people and regain their status as the only source of fear in the world!

The Mansters book features funny storytelling for all players, comedic characters and ludicrous confrontations while also dealing with contemporary themes and having political undertones. The game has been playtested for years and all the playtesters have been agreeing on both its super fun flow and moments, the freedom it gives to all players and its deepest undertones and effects.


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