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A TV stand that turns your TV into a map table!


Starting at some point in the next 72 hours.


Comes with a gridded acetate film for protection and an Acrylic sheet to increase the size of the table and make it entirely waterproof. Wait for the gif to load at the bottom, the way it moves is so cool.


For some reason its not downloading on this site, here's the gif link

If you want updates as to exact launch time for the earlybird please add us on Twitter or Facebook




A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Neat idea. This looks especially useful for those with limited space, such as a studio apartment. However, I see a few concerns:

1. Wires. I would think you would want some wireless way of connecting to a laptop.

2. On the one hand it is nice that it doesn't take away table space for books, dice, drinks, etc. On the other hand, players will need to keep moving back and forth. In my games, the display sits in the middle of a large table and I on and used for almost the entire 8-hour session. I'm guess this is used for groups that sit in sofas and lounge chairs and this this replaces a coffee table.

I wish you the best! I'll try to drop a few bucks on the Kickstarter just to support the idea, even though I don't need the table itself.