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A warning to the women

Ladies beware there is a man who visits the area who seeks to woo a woman for his own pleasure. He claims to be able to speak with Bahamaut himself. Be warned he matches the description from the local asylum of an escaped patient. I have been given a description of him from some of the women.

Standing at 5'11" . His build is powerful, broad shouldered, muscles cut like an athlete, yet moves with emence grace and agility.
His hair is cut short and often un kept, resembling the elven thorn bush. Skin of a soft white, heavy accent of silver through out. Eyes of crystal blue.

*penned now and attached to this note is the following.*

A name has been placed to this description now. The person's name is Shadov. He is responsible for running some women from the tavern and they will never return.
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A quick description of another brought to my attention that is trying to seduce the women here and take advantage of them. He tries to impress a woman by saying he can rip a White Dragons jaw off with his bare hands.

Standing at 8 feet and three inches tall is a mammoth of a man.His long arms and legs are powerfully built, tight packed muscle are cut and formed all over his form. His skin is a grayish blue with very strange patterns of brown all over his body from toes to the top of his bald head. His head is like wise large, mostly humanoid but larger jaw and a large sloping brow that make his Ice blue eye's pretty much glow. He wears nearly nothing except for a pair of pants and a robe belt with a few pouches on it. He has a large ruby smelted into each pectoral and a large diamond smelted in the middle of the two large red gems right over his heart.

*Another note scribbled onto this warning*

I have the first name of this man as well it is Zefrum. The spelling may be wrong it may be Zerfum and the last name begins with an O and he claims the title of Dragonripper.
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It has just been brought to my attention that there is a Devil-kin that seeks to find a woman to bed here as well. He is from what I have been told too dense to get the hints from women that they do not want him. He also tries to ruin the night of women when they are with friends. So ladies I have a name this time that was given to me, avoid Severyn Nightbreeze.

*An additional note is attached*

And this one claims to be a Paladin which we know is impossible.
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Seems there is a female as well that seeks women and has tried to get a few into her bed.

Standing at 5'8" with an unyielding sense of pride and dignity. A large room presence she has. Skin a very soft white, eyes an almost glowing light blue with golden flecks in them. Hair the color of sun shined platinum. She seems of the curvy type but hard to tell under the armor. This armor features a diamond cut star ruby the length of her chest plate, ending just at the bottom of her sternum. The same gem can be found on her metal shield that carries a greenish hue to the metal, carried on her back. On her hip is a master craft bastard sword, curved hilt to provide versatile angels of attack in battle. The cross guard is simple but features two metal rods of the same greenish metal sticking up by the blade.

I have received an unsigned letter with a description of another man trying to lure woman into the false sense of security, and here is what I was told.

Balmorn stands at an impressive height of 8ft tall clothed in horrific-looking barbaric armor with a glabrezu pelt along his back to form a trophy-like cloak with broken bones from the beast sticking out in certain areas along the pelt, all in the opposite direction of his back connected to a black hood which masks half of his scarred face. He wields a demonic-looking blade in each hand, both giving off a battle hungry, bloodthirsty aura to them, faintly glowing blackish red.

*Mal sighs as he walks to thethorn tree and posts yet another message*

Ladies there is yet another man to be added to the list here. I have been told he goes by the name Davnan Hawklight and claims to be a Noble and a information seller. Be on your guard of him he is by far the worst of them all. I have been told when first meeting a woman he will sit down right next to her and then try to use magics on her to enslave her mind so he can have his way with her. Again I say be wary of this man and if you seek to speak with me more about this leave me a message about when and where we may speak.
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Ladies and gents there is a man who appears to be claiming to be an assassin, However my investigations have revealed that he is nothing but an imposter trying to make a name for himself. He goes by three names that I have discovered and they are Delvin, Connor, and Ratohnhaketon. I advise using caution when approaching said person for he appears to be crazy from several eye witness accounts.

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