Level Up (A5E) A5E.tools down?


I was just going to check something on the a5e.tools website, but it seems that the site is down. downforeveryoneorjustme also confirms it.

Is it a scheduled maintenance or an unexpected crash?

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I had problems with it too, although at one point it went to a screen of random(?) text and said that it was down for maintenance.


There was temporarily a message saying the site was down due to it 'eating itself' or some such and being in beta. Didn't sound like anything to worry about.

I agree that it's a bummer that the site isn't back, but I can also say that I know from (extremely recent) personal experience that there seem to be two basic types of tech problems:

1. The ones that can be fixed in 30 minutes or less.
2. The ones that seemingly refuse to die, keep manifesting additional symptoms as you troubleshoot, and test the limits of your patience and resolve.

It seems like this might be the latter for the web folks at ENP. :/

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