Pathfinder 2E About Agents of Edgewatch


I do think you have bit of overly accusatory tone there(you sound like you are either angry or morally outraged that AP seems tamer than you thought it would be?), but I did skim post in case of spoilers(since I wanna play in this ap :p as I've said last year, I've always wanted an ap where gm can't give me crap for taking every enemy down non lethally).

Either way, hard to judge ap as whole before every part is out, but wouldn't honestly be surprised if it didn't change much from normal ap except guard flavor since Extinction Curse has same problem with circus themes not being as strong as they could be because they are too afraid to change the core experience. Like I think they are bit too afraid that if they make theme more strong to adventure that they alienate every normal customer?

(I do also believe that they most likely did intended the absalom book to work as companion piece which it getting delayed means books will lack necessary details on city until that happens)

From what I did read of this thread, this didn't manage to sell me agaisnt the ap since I don't really care about how well ap overall simulates the rules of being a law enforcement agent, I'm more interested in flavor of how gm sells it. That said yeah, ye should remember to do review on too if you want paizo to know you'd prefer future aps based on theme being stronger with actually following on the theme.

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If I'm miffed against anything it's the implication I'm reading from between the lines of the moral controversy surrounding the module.

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