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Active RPG magazines and periodicals


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to compile a list of all RPG magazines/periodicals that are still active (as of 2019).

I'd appreciate it if people could post the names or links of any magazines that they are aware of. Anything counts as long as it's RPG-related. It can be print or pdf, commercial or free, professional or fan-supported, etc. -- as long as it's still active, even if the individual issues are spread pretty far apart.


EDIT: I will update this list periodically as I discover more zines.

The "official" unofficial Mystara setting fanzine
A Traveller RPG fanzine
A 5th edition "booklet" from Kobold Press
A 5th edition online magazine from EN World
A Pathfinder 2nd edition magazine from EN World
EONSThe official magazine of the WOIN RPG system
The Excellent Travelling VolumeA print-only fanzine on M.A.R Barker's "World of Tekumel.
MegadungeonAn OSR zine focusing on... well, megadungeons. From the Hack & Slash OSR blog.
Through Ultan's DoorAn OSR fantasy zine.
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Well, that was fun
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EN5ider, of course!

Plus TRAILseeker!



I'm new in the forums so I'm not sure how things work, but I don't understand why the thread suddenly went to "awaiting for approval mode." Oh well.

I'm guessing it does that every time I edit the original post. Sigh...
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Tabletop Gaming Magazine, out of the UK:

Other Minds Magazine, for all Middle-Earth game systems:



Writer of The Bitter Reach
Fenix is a Swedish rpg magazine with the occassional English content by people like Kenneth Hite, Graeme Davis and other luminaries

Halloween Horror For 5E