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Kickstarter Active Time Event!!! a d66 of SFJPRG Backgrounds For Troika!


Active Time Event!!! is Live!

[Mandatory warning that this Zine is specifically intended for use with the Contemporary OSR Classic: Troika! by Melsonian Arts Council. You can find the precursor zine called Active Time Battle!!! for FREE, here!]

Up for a realm hopping adventure? You better get comfy with making weird friends. I’m talking:

  • Uncomfortably Hot Time Traveling Lesbians™ & Canonically Trans Adventurers (probably/most definitely the least weird thing on this list, actually. I just want the fact that Queer characters exist in this setting right up front, mortal.)
  • Time Sucking Vampires
  • Booze Swilling Dudes who think that “This Is All a Simulation, Bro!”
  • A VERY HUNGRY Multimorphing Affront to God
  • The MC of the Space Hip-Hopera. The Number 1 Multiversal Multi-Mythril & Best-Selling Single Artist. The Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion. The OG Based Rap God. The Throat G.O.A.T. Themself: Lil’ Starchild
  • Legally Distinct Cute Animal Mascot

  • 030dffa8f1c414d64eacc510de74a5b6_original.png
Interested? Luckily for you, this Master Purveyor of Some Finest naughty word of the Multiverse offers a tasty lil zine that has 36 of them. Well……35 and a cheap way to incorporate the original d66 of Troika! backgrounds anyway.

Active Time Event!!! is a 48 page zine chock full of a d66 of Science Fantasy JRPG backgrounds designed for use with Troika! by Melsonian Arts Council. It has a mixed media feel and will tickle the fancy of any OSR loving weaboo. Our Science Fantasy Expert Nerds have spent the better part of a year yelling at each other about Time Travel shenanigans referencing the likes of Chrono Trigger, Futurama, Space Dandy, Deltron 3030, Signalis, Yugimonz, The Butterfly Effect (yes– the one with Ashton Kutcher), & Many Many More! Please back this product to validate the Nerds' myriad efforts.

“Save the Multiverse. It’s the sexy thing to do.” - Femme Brutale &/OR Battlebitch


Within its contents you’ll find:

  • An original d66 of Science Fantasy Nonsense Troika Backgrounds
  • 2d6 of Science Fantasy spells based around the concept of Time
  • 1d6 badass creatures of the Timescape (including them devious Chronovores)
  • Implied implications for a Setting of an Anti-Canon
  • TONS of original art and whitty writing/game design by Yours Truly (Wilderwhim: the seminonbinary demihuman troll who wrote/drew/designed/birthed this)
  • A Whole Lot of Love & Reverence for Troika!
Artist's interpretation of what a Chronovore casting the dank spell: Possibility Theft looks like.



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