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Magic Wordsmith
Prepare to have your life drained:

Summer at the Lake - Session Thirteen (256 KB)

This session was two hours of straight combat as the adventurers did battle with wights and a succubus in the demoness' bedchamber. While a common complaint with games (and with particular editions of D&D) is that "combat lasts too long," my argument has always been "I don't care how long combat lasts as long as it's cool." I think this session is a good example of that. The battle changes up at several points, there are highs and lows, and multiple criticals. In some cases, I edited out a bunch of repetitive mechanics (lots of the same monster, for example) in favor of a single line of actions and results, but I left in the good stuff.

The encounter is an adjusted XP value of 24,300 XP and for a 10th-level part of four adventurers, it's well beyond Deadly (11,200 XP). Give it a read to see if the numbers tell the story.

The Aftermath


Thanks for reading!

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Magic Wordsmith
One of the adventurers takes a dark turn in:

Summer at the Lake - Session Fourteen (246 KB)

In this episode, we see a mix of combat, exploration, and social interaction including everybody's favorite "Guy Who Talks Everyone Else Out of a Fight." I've also shown a way to handle a rogue picking a lock that is trapped without making it a "gotcha." Further, it becomes apparent that perhaps not all the demons and the like in the Fane are necessarily on the same side... and that the PCs can take advantage of this if they're smart about it.

Thanks for reading!


Magic Wordsmith
Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you:

Summer at the Lake - Session Fifteen (238 KB)

We've got all the pillars in this session as the adventurers deal with Inferna, the fiendish fire giant. There are several things of note from a DMing perspective that have been topics in other threads of late. Here you'll see improvised actions, potion tasting, and adjudicating automatic failures. I think the action scene comes off as quite cinematic and there is tangible reward for exploration.

Enjoy! And as always, we welcome your constructive feedback. Thanks for reading!


Magic Wordsmith
Summer at the Lake - Session Sixteen (237 KB)

All exploration and social interaction in this session. The players seemed keen on interacting with each other quite a bit, playing up their feelings about how things were proceeding and the changes going on with certain members of the party. One player remarked this was a lot like Darkest Dungeon (?) which I understand to be one that explores the stresses that go on with adventurers. This is certainly reflected in this session.

Four sessions remain till the end of this season. Because one of our players is having some spotty internet issues with Roll20, I am very eager to find someone who will take the fourth spot in the game. This means you'd be in for four games, every Thursday night, 9:30 pm Eastern, for two hours. If you can make it and want to get in on the big climax to come, please let me know!

Thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback.



Magic Wordsmith

Summer at the Lake - Session Seventeen (252 KB)

In this session we have been joined by a new player, Agham, who has taken over the role of Aeralad. There is good engagement with all three pillars in this session, and there is now a Holy Avenger up for grabs (something that was foreshadowed since Season 1). We end with the return of a familiar face which sets up some interesting situations for the next game. Of note in this session are how the party dealt with their predicament in the cage and how what amounts to an exposition dump plays out as a conversation. Also, I think Agham really brought it, so thanks and praise for our new player!

Thanks for reading and I welcome your constructive feedback!


Magic Wordsmith
I think this is a good one:

Summer at the Lake - Session Eighteen (282 KB)

Combat, exploration, and social interaction pistons all firing in this session as the PCs forge a questionable alliance and delve to the lowest depths of the Demon God's Fane. There are some pretty big dynamic scenes happening, plus something of a travel montage. Bear in mind when you're reading it that Kanati and Tarandir are low on hit points after the fight with the flesh golems so they start the session off down a bit.

If you've been following along, you should know we're approaching the final two sessions for the campaign. We sure would like to hear from those who are following the campaign up to this point. Drop us a note to just say hello. Thanks for reading and I welcome your constructive feedback.


Magic Wordsmith
The end is nigh!

Summer at the Lake - Session Nineteen (269 KB)

While combat featured heavily in this session, there was still plenty of space for exploration and social interaction. Without giving too much away, some hard choices are being made by the group, especially as it relates to their character archetypes. Sometimes the exigencies of saving the world require heroes to make choices we don't expect.

We're drawing close to the end of the campaign and the pressure is on. Thanks for reading!

The Mummy-Priests of the Profanity


The Lair of the Mistresses of the Night



Magic Wordsmith
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen:

Summer at the Lake - The Final Session (377 KB)

I think it speaks for itself. If you've been following the exploits of Aeralad, Bagdolin, Casei, Kanati, Marshal, and Tarandir, please throw up a post to give their players the applause they so well deserve. Thanks for reading and I welcome your constructive feedback below.

The Final Battle


Voidrunner's Codex

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