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AD&D 2e - Keep on the Borderlands - (Wednesdays)

Tallis Rild

LFP - AD&D 2e - Keep on the Borderlands - (Wednesdays)
FG License:
DM has Full so players need at least Free Version
Game System: AD&D 2E (with 1E influences)

Time Zone: Kansas City CDT (UTC/GMT -5)
Day of week and time: Wednesday starting at 7 pm
Current Game State: Ongoing. Keep on the Borderlands AD&D 1e/2e
Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 Hour Sessions, Weekly
Term: No planned ending.

Text or Voice: Voice, Mix of both is ok (but nobody is doing that currently)
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live-streamed? No, but possibly open to that.

Roleplay & Combat mix: 80/20, Light Combat (dangerous), Lots of Roleplay (roleplay creates potential advantages in combat)
Number of Players in-game & needed: Have 2 players, need 2 more. 1 other will be returning soon.
Character starting level & equipment: 1st level with whatever qualifying kit can get you
Character restrictions: Randomly roll 3d6 in order (Method I.)

Cheesy Intro Trailer:
In a world entombed by cursed fog that robs some of their memories and others their life, there remains a glimmer of hope in the last pocket of the known world, adventurers--wide eyed and hailing from worlds destroyed, scouring ruins for answers and keys from the past that may unlock the future. But danger still lurks in the western realms of the Black Eagle, as the humanoid armies of Chaos mass their hordes under a capricious diabolical man, The Baron.

Now, as the Mizt recedes, a new era of exploration begins. Brave souls from all corners converge to meet at The Keep on the Borderlands, eager to prove their mettle, gain their fortune, and strike a blow to Chaos. And at the heart of it all lies The Caves of Chaos, a legendary dungeon full of untold riches and unspeakable horrors. But be warned, appearances can be deceiving...

Will you rise to the occasion and prove your worth in the face of danger? Or will Chaos consume you, along with the rest of the known lands? The choice is yours. Find who you will become in: The Keep on the Borderlands.

The Game:
We're running the Keep on the Borderlands Module, and I'm gradually filling it out with characters and stocking it with secrets, monsters etc. and giving motivations to the stock characters provided in the module.

The party consists of (3 players) a thief, bard, fighter, cleric, fighter, and some others, about 15 henchmen being paid for by the Castellan of the Keep, and they're making their way through a dark dungeon from another module.

The style is generic fantasy. There is survival, weight automatically tracked, exploration, drama, curses, miracles, stories of evil and good, etc. etc. It's not all roleplay though. Right now the party is dungeon delving.

- Safety/Triggers: Before we start, I need to know what things you do not want to see in the game. This concerns phobias, past trauma, depictions of violence, or any degree of sexual references or depictions. Should we just fade to black or cut it out entirely? If something comes up during the game please tell me asap. I try to be vigilant with this.

- Maturity Rating: No erotic roleplay. Romantic emotional relationship roleplay is absolutely fine. Graphic gore is fine but we're not going to entertain serial killer fantasies.

- Rules Familiarity: I actually don't mind at all if you don't know the rules. I need you to eventually know the basics of your character sheet, but really all I need to know is what your characters' intention is and the method being used to achieve your desired outcome. You can learn the rules as you go and meta-game as long as you continue roleplaying. There are a lot of rules in ad&d 2e, and a lot of my own in there to make it all work together. I may add rules in the future. It's very much a work in progress. If you can accept that, we're good.

- THAC0 and in order 3d6 Attributes: Characters will most likely have not great attributes. If you write a page backstory you earn the option to move some of these numbers around. THAC0 is just like AC but more complicated, lol. When in doubt, listen to the description of the monster I give or hit it to see what happens and decide to either run or keep fighting.

- Death: I don't pull punches. The dice speak and we roleplay picking up the pieces. That's one reason why we have henchmen and the option for multiple characters, although it actually hasn't happened yet.

- Uneven Experience: Some people are level 1, while some are level 2 or 3 at this point. This isn't a big deal because you can usually hire bodyguards, and roleplay is more prominent than combat.

- Old But Different: The deities are mostly all from Faerun sourcebook material, but the twist is that they absorbed many other deities and changed almost completely but still have the same names. Clerics have been nerfed with a severe reduction in sphere access, but they have the potential to call on miracles that can do almost anything if they do enough good works. Elves are given psionics. Wizards can learn as many spells as they can find.

- Rule of Cool: Most of the time I refer to the rules to the letter and if there is gray area I make a ruling and try to stick to it. But our rogue ate some coins to hide them and we all agreed giving him "Uncanny Sphincter Control" was a great addition to the game lol.

- Time to Shine: I try to move the spotlight around to give everyone screen time. Sometimes what you do does or doesn't work. Roleplay the failure as well as the success and have fun with it, whether it be a sudden death or brilliant victory. We'll roll you a new character if you need it.

- Enthusiasm: I need you to be excited about this! I am! Everyone sacrifices time to make it to the game and I want it to be as fun as possible. If you're playing to just pass the time, or just socialize and meet with people there's nothing wrong with that, but there are video games/board games or sports for that. I need someone enthusiastic about the game itself.

- Feedback: Be vocal about your opinions and criticisms, but always accept second judgments. I'll consider what was said and decide what to do about it, but more pushback than that can grind the game to a halt and waste time for others, and be stressful for me in general.

- Roleplaying: It can be anything from talking in a silly voice or accent, or just describing how your character behaves periodically. There is nothing wrong with a power gamer but they aren't going to have a good time in this game.

- Cooperation: Your character needs to be interested in hanging out with the party for good, ill, or whatever. Backstabbing is fine as long as it's done with roleplay and all players are ok with it. If you're not ok with it, let me know.

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