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Advanced Readings in Dungeons & Dragons


I thought that this may be of some interest to folks here...Tor.com (the SF/F book publisher) is hosting a blog series that explores the books and authors that Gary Gygax listed in Appendix N of the 1e AD&D DMG (aka Inspirational Reading). So far, they've discussed Robert E. Howard and his Conan story "Red Nails," Poul Anderson and his novel Three Hearts & Three Lions, and Sterling Lanier's Hiero's Journey, which was one of the few books listed in Appendix N that I was completely unfamiliar with (based on the blog post, I immediately ordered a used copy off of Amazon). They release new posts on Monday afternoons and I'm looking forward to them re-reading some of the more obscure stuff on the list:


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First Post
Awesome, thanks for sharing! I've recently started a similar project for myself; raiding second-hand book shops for old sword and sorcery stuff, so it'll be great to see how my own musings compare :D


both of those were nice. I have read a fair amount of Vance, and agree that while Cugel is good, he may not be Dying Earth's best. I guess I have to check out Princess of Mars after years of not reading it.

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