D&D 5E Advent's Amazing Advice: Dungeons & Dragons vs Rick and Morty, An Adventure fully prepped and ready to go! (Part 2)

Advent's Amazing Advice

Welcome back to AAA for part 2 of D&D vs Rick and Morty! So, your players were brave...or crazy enough to stroll through a Dungeon with Rick as their DM. I'm mighty impressed. Well, it only gets crazier from here. In part 2, your party will find themselves face to face with...themselves? Whatever that means. They'll have to brave the greatest fear of all mankind...Pirates. Who the hell is writing this? They'll have the chance to save everyone's ass...literally. I guess it's just that type of game. And best of all, they get to star in a commercial! Now at least that's something. This is only a fraction of what they'll experience as they work their way deeper into The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness!!!

Without further ado:
Included in The AAA Collection is:
  • A word document with all my notes including links to music tracks for ambiance and fights
  • Special PDFs for the encounters. This includes the enemy stat blocks organized neatly along with an initiative tracker and a spot to mark HP
D&D vs Rick and Morty:
Other Fully Prepped One-Shots, Adventures, and More:
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