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D&D 5E Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver, A module fully prepped and ready to go! Part 5 Side Quests Guide

Advent's Amazing Advice

Welcome to Advent's Amazing Advice! The series where I take popular One-Shots, Adventures, Campaigns, etc. and fully prep them for both New and Busy DMs. This prep includes music, ambiance, encounter sheets, handouts, battle maps, tweaks, and more so you can run the best sessions possible with the least stress possible!

What journey isn't complete without Side Quests! Well probably this one since WoTC didn't do much to make them very entertaining haha However; that doesn't mean side quests can't be fun when your players want to take a break from the action at large. Instead of Side quests, I had integrated The Reign of Iron One-Shot into LMoP, but I did end up working on the short side quest for Agatha's Lair just in case my players wanted a little something more. Below is a continuation of the quest hook given by Sister Garaele when meeting her at the Shrine of Luck.

Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
  • A Word document with all my notes including links to music tracks for ambiance and fights
  • Special PDF for possible Banshee encounter. This includes the enemy stat block organized neatly along with an initiative tracker and spot to mark HP.
  • A map for Agatha's Lair (Credit to citizenkazr and u/SgtSnarf)
The Lost Mine of Phandelver Index
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As always, if you see something you think I can improve, add, change, etc. please let me know. I want this to be an amazing resource for all DMs and plan to keep it constantly updated! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content early feel free to check out my Patreon!


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