D&D 5E Advent's Amazing Advice: The Wild Sheep Chase, A One-Shot fully prepped and ready to go! (Updated: Now with Playlist)

Advent's Amazing Advice

Sometimes you just don't want to prep. Sometimes you get a last-minute call to run a session. Maybe it's your first time DMing and you don't know where to start.

Whatever the reason, prep may seem like a mountain to climb. Well, allow me to help you! I remember when I was first trying to figure everything out and I stumbled across A Wild Sheep Chase. It's a fantastic One-Shot by Richard Jansen-Parkes that you can get for free over on the DMsguild. The only issue at times can be how do I convert this pdf into an actual session?

Some DMs have a gift, they can read it once and go from there, some are masters at improv, storytelling, and off-the-cuff humor. Well, I unfortunately don't fit that boat and I'm sure many others out there are just like me. I need a ton of notes; because once I've got things organized, then I feel comfortable taking things in new directions.

So welcome to Advent's Amazing Advice! The series where I take popular One-Shots, Adventures, Campaigns, etc. and fully prep them for both New and Busy DMs. This prep includes fleshed-out notes, music, ambiance, encounter sheets, handouts, battle maps, tweaks, and more so you can run the best sessions possible with the least stress possible! Onboarding new DMs should be easy and I hope with this I can help grease the wheels!

Without further ado:
Included in The Complete Collection are:
  • A Word document with all my notes including a link to music tracks for ambiance and fights
  • Special PDFs for all the encounters. This includes all the enemies' stat blocks organized neatly along with an initiative tracker and a spot to mark HP.
    • A complete spell list for Noke which gives full details so you're not bouncing around for info.
  • A map of Shinebrights tower. I use this as a reference when drawing out the map for my players
  • A handout for The Scroll of Speak with Animals
If you see something you think I can improve, add, change, etc. please let me know. I want this to be an amazing resource for all DMs and plan to keep it constantly updated! If you'd like to support me, shape future releases, and get content early feel free to check out my Patreon!


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[thread necro!]

So I'm looking for a short 3hr-ish one-shot to run for a bunch of not-completely-new players, one that contains both roleplaying and combat. I've seen this one recommended in several places, so i bought it.

And it seems to do pretty much what I want, except I have a massive, massive problem
with the motivation of the guards. Why on earth are they defending Noke? He turned them into apes, and bears, and wolves! Shinebright is understandably horrified about spending a few years as a sheep, so why are the guards so blase about it all?

I'd be quite happy running this thing - the game is kind of a quick audition for a bunch of randoms who all answered the same online post as me, seeing if we'd like to form a group for a longer campaign. But that plot holis REALLY bugging me.


"It's just temporary. I'll change you back in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy enhanced senses, strength, and speed!"

Advent's Amazing Advice

In the Noke description, it says that he hired them! If you pay thugs enough they'll do most anything, especially if he told them he could change them back, which he could technically do!

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