WotBS Adventure #6: Tears of the Burning Sky Question

[D&D 3.5]

Q1: The code to avoid the traps on the main lift can be gotten by making a deal with Gorquith. My PCs will never deal with an evil undead. They are a super holy undead killing squad of clerics and paladins. What do?

Q2: Is there any other way to figure out the code besides dealing with Gorquith? Does the code stand for something (I might be too dense to figure it out) or is it just random letters?


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Totally random. If your party is too zealous to consider helping some tortured people who hope to stop being undead, maybe make sure they understand how perilous the lift is, so they don't all die. Or maybe have the gnomes and halflings get in there first and negotiate the deal, then ask the party for help resurrecting Gorquith.


The moral dilemmas are one of the things that make the AP very good.

If I where you, I would make them realize how deadly the lift is, how much they need the code, and then have them realize that they will have to deal with undead to get to their target.

How far will you bend for the greater good? And can you live with the consequences of your choices, whether you do bend or not?

I would sit back and enjoy the hell out of it, if I where in your place :)


In my game, our tiefling cirqueliste's past included a forbidden affair with the daughter of Khagan Onamdammin. He was exiled from Ostalin and the daughter showed up again as Pilus lieutenant. She had not forgiven our tiefling for not coming back and took him to 0 hit points while holding her own against everyone else. Three Weeping Ravens, rescued by the group and fearful of becoming an experiment, killed her.

When they found the scroll of true resurrection, he really wanted to use it for his love but caved to the rest of the group's desire to get the lift code.

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