ZEITGEIST Adventure 9: Pacing & Leveling



Some of us are still at it. My group just started Adventure 9. The text says:

The party starts this adventure at 20th level. Due to the mechanics of the world, the characters cannot go above 20th level until [SPOILER REDACTED] early in Act Three. After Act One, ask the players to make 22nd level versions of their characters, but they’ll have to keep using their 20th level versions until they set out for Flint.

Perhaps this was explained elsewhere, but it caught me unaware. Did I miss something?

Shimrath (Act Three, p. 346).

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It's definitely mentioned somewhere in the player's guide, I believe. Harkover Lee is "just" a level 18 spell caster exactly due to this limit, imposed by the, well, REDACTED on the world.

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