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4E [Adventure] A Call for Lovers (DM: jbear Judge:Lord Sessadore)


A Call for Lovers
A medium Living 4th Edition adventure, designed for 5-6 1st level characters. A Call for Lovers is set in a group of trade islands called the Crystal Isles somewhere on the trade route between the Jade kingdoms and Daunton over the course of a few weeks.

GM: jbear
Judge: Lord Sessadore

  • PC: Rain (Tiefling Shielding Swordmage lvl 1):Neil1889
  • PC: Zuri (Eladrin Rogue lvl 1):Daeja (NPC)
  • PC: Sabynha (Half Elf Skald lvl 1):Nemesis Destiny
  • PC: Wat (Half Elf Invoker lvl 1):Son of Meepo
  • PC: Gray (Hengeyokai Monk lvl 1):CrimsonFlameWielder
[sblock=NPCs]Count Varis: Ruler of the wealthy port of Sybaran on the island of Bloodstone. Renown as a fair and just ruler who loves his city and the region of the Crystal Isles. Many of the other rulers turn to his council to settle disputes that arise within the Isles.

Meister Timothy Tome: Head Librarian of Count Varis' renowned library. It is said that it is impossible to enter the Library grounds without his blessing.

Guntar Mherl: Genasi Captain of the Luh'nan; Theme's Uncle. Works sometimes in league with the Crystal Mason's when they can afford him.

Lady Mary?: Crystal Mason agent; talented sailor, skilled lover.

Merchant Tuan: Tiefling merchant with a increasingly profitable business established within the Crystal Isles. Independent from but fully co-operating with the interests of the Crystal Mason's. Rain's uncle.

Chuckles: a gnome rogue who claims his organisation in Sybar is interested in Zuri.

Little Bird (or Nani to the Vistani): A gypsy fortune teller who is eyes and ears to all the goings on within the city of Sybar.

Peg: Captain of the Singing Dolphin, lover of rum and admirer of the Lah'nun.

The Sergeant: Badly wounded Stone Mason saved from the Yakuza junk; Unconscious when you last saw him

Ratchet: One of Varis' Marines rescued from the Yakuza junk; Claims that the Yakuza plan a secret attack on Bloodstone Gate

Plank: One of Varis' Marines rescued from the Yakuza junk; Thick as two planks.

Olga: Owner of the Smoky Bean Inn in Port Bean, Elestial. Close acquaintance of Peg and now very much a fan of the group

Meg: Works for Olga in the Smoky Bean; Idolises Sabynha

Tom: Olga's stable boy, charged with accompanying the group to Crystalbrook

Wendig: Local Drunk in Crystalbrook; saved from the xivorts' nets by the group; Rain, Zuri and Wat are now his heroes

Sherif Brandis: Sheriff of Crystalbrook

Lady Tamora: Ruler of Crystalbrook; mother of the missing boy Orlando.

Remus: Orlando's best friend; works in the kennels in Crystalbrook. Witness to Orlando falling in love with Juliana.

Margery: Lady Tamora's Lady in Waiting; displeased by Gray's attack on her lady's pillow.

Helfaine: Lord Carric's head warden; impressed by the group's presentation of an ancient peace symbol, the olive branch

Lord Carric: Lord of the Sildaine; father of the missing girl, Juliana. Is now convinced of his mistakes and journeys to Crystalbrook in person to set things straight with Lady Tamora with a hope to end the conflict.

Master Rhymer: Leprechaun, Self chosen leader
Fiddlesticks: Leprechaun and Comedian; was possessed by Soryth
Knickknack: Leprechaun and wild dancer

Soryth: Evil hag who kidnapped Juliana and Orlando; commands the xivorts

[sblock=Introduction, Rules, Notes]Welcome to A Call for Lovers, my first play-by-post adventure. If you ever have any suggestions as to how I can improve things, I would be happy to have them.

I’ll be keeping this page updated throughout the adventure so you can track things from here.

I'm just going to copy paste a bunch of stuff from my own PbP DM @Mewness because I think he does a great job

[sblock=Posting frequency:] Please aim to post 1/day if you can (don’t worry too much about weekends, as they are generally slow). If you can post even more frequently, feel free. If a response from you is required, I will wait for two days (with more flexibility if the two days are over a weekend) before NPCing you and moving on (and I will get annoyed if this happens more than a couple of times). Try to keep up a good posting rate even out of combat: remember that no-one can tell the difference between an inactive player and one who is paying close attention but not posting anything. Everyone appreciates responsiveness--a responsive group makes all the difference between a really great adventure and a mediocre one, so I encourage you to find things to say even if your character doesn’t have much to do in the current situation. Posting something like “Bertie quickly gets bored by the conversation, so he goes off a little way and amuses himself by stomping on ants” is perfectly fine. In fact it’s great, because it gives others something to respond to. Anything is an improvement on silence.

If you will be away for longer than a couple of days, or if your life is getting hectic and you need to slow down, please PM me or warn us in this thread. An unexplained absence of a week or more may lead to my searching for a replacement. [/sblock]

[sblock=Dice rolling]
Initiative, saving throws, and perception rolls will be made for the players by the GM if it moves the adventure along quickly. Otherwise, players will roll their own dice. I may do this with my dice at home to save time

Die Rollers: Please use Invisible Castle (link rolls) or the die roller built into this board (even though I hate it myself, it is comfortable). Be as specific as you can in the notes you add to your die formula before you roll it--specify what you are doing and to whom, i.e. “twin strike on Nincompoop 5.” “Blazing starfall on B6-D8, catching Cloddenbeadles 1, 3, and 4.” [/sblock]

[sblock=Spoiler Blocks:] Spoiler blocks with skill requirements will be labeled “active,” “passive,” or sometimes “active or passive.” “Active” means that you must make the check in order to have access to the information within that block; “passive” means that you must have a sufficient passive score (10+skill bonus) in the skill. “Active or passive” means that you can either use your passive score or make a check if your passive score isn’t high enough.

Incidentally, I have no problem with your reading spoiler blocks that you’re not strictly entitled to, so long as you don’t have your character use the information therein. [/sblock]

[sblock=PC Stat Blocks:] Please make a summary of your character’s stats and include it in your first post. You should also include it whenever you take a turn in combat, and whenever something happens out of combat that alters your hit points, surges, action points, etc. Here’s a sample stat block.

[sblock=Kane Arcane]
PC:Kane Arcane (jbear1979) - L4W Wiki
Human Hybrid Swordmage | Wizard 4
Passive Perception/Insight 14
AC:22, Fort:16, Reflex:17, Will:17, Speed:6
HP:44/44, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:10/10
Initiative +2
Action Points: 1 (encounter):


MBA: Dislocation Longsword +1, +7 vs AC, 1d8+2 damage
Freezing Burst, Phantasmal Assault, Sword Burst

Grasping Shadows: USED
Aegis of Shielding:
Channelling Shield:
Dimensional Vortex:
Second Wind

Flaming Sphere:
Dislocation Longsword:

Combat notes: Theme: Feybeast Tamer: Kane is unaware of this. Not active until this changes.

Pictures: If you have a picture you’d like me to use to represent your PC in combat, post it somewhere.

I will be using Mal’s Rules for speedier PbP combat. You can read about Mal’s Rules in the spoiler block below. [/sblock] [/sblock]

[sblock=The Malenkirk Conventions] Mal Malenkirk came up with some house rules for speeding up PbP combat that are now so ubiquitous in L4W that almost nobody actually bothers posting them anymore, which can lead to confusion. Here they are:

1. The DM rolls initiative for everyone to save time. Only one initiative value is rolled for all of the bad guys.

2. Any PCs whose initiative beats the bad guys get to act first. They can act in any order they like and their actions are resolved in the order they are posted.

3. The DM then runs all of the bad guys’ turns together.

4. All of the PCs (including any who won the initiative before) now get a turn. Play then proceeds with all the bad guys having another turn, then all the PCs, etc. Again, the PCs can act in any order, and their actions are resolved in the order of posting.

5. Effects that last until the end of someone’s next turn need a special rule, because the changing order of actions could otherwise lead to abuse. Such an effect gives its benefit (or its penalty) to each recipient for one turn only, no matter when that turn occurs in relation to the other recipients or the originator of the effect.

Example: Suppose that PCs Algie, Bertie, Cecily, Dickie, and Edna act in alphabetical order on round 1. Cecily uses a power that grants herself and all her allies a +1 to attack rolls until the end of her next turn. Dickie and Edna each benefit on round 1, as normal, because they act after Cecily.

On round 2, the PCs happen to act in reverse alphabetical order. Even though Edna and Dickie act before Cecily, they no longer benefit from Cecily’s effect, because they have already had it for one turn. Cecily benefits from it on her turn, just as she normally would, and Bertie and Algie benefit on their turns, even though their turns take place after Cecily’s is over.

This rule can be tricky to apply correctly at the beginning, so let me know if you have any questions about it.

6. To save time, the DM makes enough of the bad guys’ stats available to the players that they can resolve their own attacks and any opportunity attacks that they provoke.

This rule is frequently ignored; many DMs are simply not comfortable disclosing enemy stats on the first round of a fight, and prefer to reveal them gradually. Unfortunately, that can cause delays (players will wait to see whether the previous attack hit or whether a bad guy is bloodied before deciding what to do). What I’m going to do is to put the stats in individual spoiler blocks, and ask you to look at them only when it is necessary for figuring out what happened on your turn, after you have decided what you’re doing and made the rolls. Don’t look at them at other times. You’re on the honor system.

7. If any other issues come up, I will play them by ear (with the help of our good Judge Lord Sessadore). [/sblock]

[sblock=Time and Experience Records] Start Date: 10th May 2012
Gray Start Date: 4th July 2012
Current Total XP: Lvl 3: 3468 xp
Gray Total XP level 3: 2396 xp
[sblock=Final XP and Treasure Totals: ]
[sblock=Themes:] XP: 457 +45= 502 XP
Treasure: 50gp (spent on Rope) + 1 elixir (50 gp) + 126gp +33gp and 6sp = 159 gp and 6 sp + 1 elixir (50gp) and 50 gp worth of Hempen Rope [/sblock]
[sblock=Kartuus] XP:457 +33= 502 XP
Treasure: 50 gp spent here +1 elixir (50 gp) +126 +25gp +2sp (time gold) [/sblock]

[sblock=Time XP]
Month 1: 10th May - 10th June Level 1: 167 Time XP:
Month 2: 10th June - 10th July Level 1: 167 Time xp
Month 3: 10th July - 10th August level 1: 167 Time xp
Month 4: 10th August - 10th September level 2: 209 Time xp
Month 5: 10th September - 10th October level 2: 209 Time xp
Month 6: 10th October - 10th November level 2: 209 Time xp
Month 7: 10th November - 10th December level 3: 250 Time xp
Month 8: 10th December - 10th January level 3: 250 Time xp
Total: 1628 xp

Gray Month 1: 4th July - 4th August level 1: 167 Time XP
Month 2: 4th August - 4th September level 1: 167 Time XP
Month 3: 4th September - 4th October level 1: 167 Time xp
Month 4: 4th October - 4th November level 1: 167 Time xp
Month 5: 4th November - 4th December level 2: 209 Time xp
Month 6: 4th December - 4th January level 2: 209 Time xp
Total: 1086 xp

[sblock=Encounter XP]
Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri +Themes & Kartuus
Encounter 1: Skill Challenge: Yakuza Attack! 290 XP each: Approved
Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri:
Encounter 2: Gate Crashers 240 XP: Approved
Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri +Gray
Encounter 3: Cavern Dwellers 220 XP: Approved
Encounter 4: Cave of Mud 220 XP: Here
Encounter 5: Soryth Appears 460 XP
Encounter 6: Unicorn Wrangling + 2 Skill Challenges 410 XP: Here
Sabynha, Wat, Rain, Zuri: Total: 1840 xp
Gray Total: 1310 xp
[sblock=*Note:] I'm going to level you up at certain parts of the adventure as opposed to when your XP hits the right number. However your time rewards will be calculated by the level you should be at from the date you should have hit that level. Basically, you will have full XP owing to your PC at the end of the adventure, even though the levelling rate is a bit slower in adventure. [/sblock]


Total Treasure Awarded so far: 50 gp; 1 elixir (50gp); 1 Healing Potion (50 gp); 1 Moonstone (50 gp) each = 200gp
Group Treasure: 25 gp, Ring (25 gp), Gem (100 gp)
Magic items Awarded so far: Level 2 Items: Rain, Sabynha (x2), Wat, Zuri
Level 5 Quest Item. Tuathan Road Whistle
Total Time Gold Awarded so far: 1440 gp (Gray: 860 gp)

[sblock=Quest Awards]Count Varis' Payment Upfront: 50 gp each Approved[/sblock]
[sblock=Encounter Rewards]
Encounter 1: Skill Challenge: Yakuza Attack! Treasure Award: 1 of Peg's Potions each: 50gp Approved
Encounter 2: Gate Crashers: 2 Healing Potions from Lady Tamora; 3 Healing Potions from Lord Carric: so 1 Healing Potion each.
Encounter 3: Cave Dwellers: Leather Armour of Aegis Expansion (lvl 2 item Rain); Bracers of Mighty Striking (lvl 2 item Sabynha)
The Oracle: Lesser Tuathan Road Whistle (lvl 5 wondrous item)
Encounter 4: Cave of Mud: Amulet of Elegy +1 (lvl 2 item Wat); Rebounding Crossbow +1 (level 2 item Zuri); 100 gp gem; 25 gp; Gold Ring 25 gp
Encounter 5: Soryth Arrives: Mighty Ki Focus +1 (level 1 item Gray)
Soryth's Bloodstone: creates +1 implement (level 4 item Wat),
Encounter 6: Unicorn Wrangling: 1 Moonstone each (50 gp); Hero's Hide Armour (Level 2 item Sabynha), Oak leaf (Quest item)[/sblock]

[sblock=Time XP Rewards]
Month 1: May 10th - June 10th Level 1: 126 gp Approved
Month 2: June 10th - July 10th Level 1: 126 gp
Month 3: July 10th -August 10th level 1: 126 gp
Month 4: August 10th - September 10th level 2: 178 gp
Month 5: September 10th - October 10th level 2: 178 gp
Month 6: October 10th - November 10th level 2: 178 gp
Month 7: November 10th - December 10th level 3: 254 gp
Month 8: December 10th - January 10th level 3: 254 gp
Total Time gold: 1440 gp

Gray Month 1: July 4th -August 4th level 1: 126 gp
Month 2: August 4th - September 4th level 1: 126 gp
Month 3: September 4th - October 4th level 1: 126 gp
Month 4: October 4th - November 4th level 1: 126 gp
Month 5: November 4th - December 4th level 2: 178 gp
Month 6: December 4th - January 4th level 2: 178 gp
Total Time Gold: 860 gp
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The Crystal Isles Info:

The archipelago of the Crystal Isles is located between the Near lands and the Proximate Isles along the main marine trade route from the Jade Kingdom to Daunton. There are 18 different islands of varying sizes with port cities and towns of varying size. Each island has the name of a different type of crystal prevalent on that island.

Bloodstone is the biggest island, home to the small but bustling, cosmopolitan port city of Sybar. Sybar is governed by the well loved Count Varis, a figure looked up to by the majority of the other island rulers. Bloodstone is also the location of a Portal Gateway that has fairly recently attuned with the Isle of Opposition. It is controlled by an organisation that has influence throughout the Crystal Isles known as the Crystal Masons, a no nonsense organisation that ensure the satisfaction of their clients and the safe arrival of their goods. Despite being a longer journey than porting directly from the Jade kingdom, this route has over the last few years become increasingly popular as merchants are able to exploit the rich and varied resources available throughout the Crystal Isles and also enjoy a fair priced, safe and trouble free port to the Isle of Opposition.

Nearby is another large island, Elestial. It is fairly well knowing that upon the island there is ongoing tension and escalating disputes between the residents of the town of Crystal Brook and the fey of the nearby Sildaine Forest. Crystal Brook is an agricultural community with a booming coffee bean and tobacco trade. The town's ruler is Lady Anya Tamora, a fair but stern woman who has sanctioned retaliation against fey incursions and is doing her best to protect her people. Orlando, her son, is brave and honest, but he has shown no interest in rulership since his father died a decade ago.

The ancient Sildaine Forest is home to an elven village that runs alongside the Crystal brook as it runs through the woods. Usually a tranquil and abundant woodland realm has been disturbed by strange weather and creatures, not to mention incursion from the nearby town of Crystalbrook. Carric, Lord of the Sildaine, has established edicts to keep nonfey out of the forest and tax those passing through on the roads. But even his youngest daughter, Juliana, a curious, determined and daring young woman, is among those reluctant to follow the decrees.
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Invitations to meet with Count Varis regarding a job that requires your particular skill set.

[sblock= Kartuus] The bald pated librarian looks at the hefty sack of gold the pale faced man offers him with a sniff. Pushing his spectacles back onto his nose which from which he manages to somehow look down at him despite being almost a foot shorter he tisks loudly. "You have been most ... convincing. But rules are rules ..."
He takes the heavy purse but raises his hand as the young knight begins to push his way past into the library. "You have bought yourself a word in the Count's ear, nothing more. I suggest you don't glower or you will have bought yourself nothing. If you know anything of the library you will know you can not enter without my blessing ... Now. I will talk to the Count on your behalf. Someone will be in contact with you shortly. Good day."

The door closes and a week passes before word finally arrives at the young knights lodgings. A simple messenger with the look of a half wit delivers it to him and leaves without a word. The message reads:

"Kartuus, Seeker of the Grail. Count Varis requests your presence in Bloodstone Hall, shortly after the sun rises on the morrow. If you see fit to use your talent for diplomacy to remove a particular thorn the Count finds in his side, then upon completion of the mission access to the Library will be granted to you for a period of no longer than 5 days. Men have given family members in order to enjoy such a lengthy stay within the library. I suggest you do not be late.
Meister Timothy Tome" [/sblock]

[sblock=Themes] The genasi captain bent down to come face to face in front of the young woman, his nose only an inch from hers. The woman did not flinch. "Count Varis sent me. Are you scared of losing Lah'nun?"

More laughter. The captain however did not join in this time, his cheeks flushed purple with anger.

"Rotting pox, lass! Guntar M'herl fears no wee girl with a big mouth! But Guntar does not fall into pits of pride laid out by cunnning Crystal Masons. Do not take me for a fool!"

The captain spat on the deck. The crew fell silent. Things were getting serious.

"A race you want? Fine, child. Then a race against the Luh'nun you will have. But on my terms! Boy!"

One of the younger genasi are pushed to the front amongst laughter and jeers. Despite wearing a large eyepatch it is clear he neither likes being called boy or being put on the spot by his captain. But he swallows back harsh words as he knows the captain honours him with a chance to prove himself.

"If you win, young Themes will serve your Count in this matter. He is worthy. But if you lose ... which you will do, then we take your 5 chests of gold, a month of Open Gate ... and your ship!" His face is all teeth as he grins, aware how unfair the bet is. "So, little girl, do you still want to race?"

Hours later as the sun set the Luh'nan were deadly silent as the victor climbed back onto their ship. She threw the captain a purse heavy with gold. "Count Varis thanks you. Tomorrow, at sunrise at Bloodstone Hall. Make sure your boy arrives on time." She winks at Themes before departing with the same unexpected skill and grace she had shown guiding her ship to victory. [/sblock]

[sblock=Rain]"Yes, I understood the question, young lady! I do not fear you or your brutish manners, and as this is my library I will look down my bony nose as you put it at whoever I want!"

The tiefling turned away from the bald man standing glowering at the library door, teeth gritted in frustration. As she strode away he called out to her quietly.

"So you are niece of the merchant Tuan." She stopped in her tracks but did not turn back. "He warned you might come here asking about that. He instructed me to turn you away without a word. He paid quite well." Her shoulders tense in anger and she turns back to the frail librarian eyes on fire. " Your Uncle is a valued benefactor, but I do not like to be instructed. Your Uncle Tuan also spoke of your talent with a blade... If that is true then there is a meeting taking place tomorrow at the Bloodstone Hall shortly after the sun has risen. Count Varis has a job for someone like you. If you see it through to completion then at the risk of my own neck I will tell you of your Master Phreys. Good day!"

As the massive door slams shut the tiefling woman is left alone engulfed in the echoes. [/sblock]

[sblock=Zuri] As the rogue pulled herself lithely up onto the roof of the water tower she stopped dead in her tracks. There sat a young boy bathed in moonlight biting into an apple. When he finished chewing he broke the tense silence with the voice of a man.

"You're not bad at this, kiddo. It took me two whole weeks to find out your name." The boy faced gnome chuckled as if amused by some private joke. "Your parents must be so proud" He raises his hands defensively. "A poor joke, I'll admit. Chuckles is famous for his poor jokes, you'll have to forgive him. Err, I mean me. Where was I? Oh yes, your're quite good at this. Only you're taking things from the wrong folk. But that's okay. That can change. You see I work for folks who work for folks who have friends that have a friend in need, if you follow. And a young girl like you with your talent ..."

He bites into the apple and finishes chewing before continuing. "If you help out or friends' friend's friend ... well, Chuckles might be able to find you a more permanent type of job. A job where you are taking from the right folks, if you follow."

The gnome finishes his apple quietly watching the eladrin take in what he is saying. "Well your still here, Zuri. So I figure you're interested in interesting us. Two days from now, just after sunrise, meet at the Bloodstone Hall. Ask for our friend's friend, Count Varis. Say you're there for the job." He grins at her surprise. "We'll be watching!" With a swirl of his cape the gnome vanishes. [/sblock]

[sblock=Sabynha] "Come in Granddaughter and let Nani see you in her Crystal." The young half elf stopped and looked at the opening in the colourful tent wondering how she had heard such a quiet voice amidst the buzz of the the busy market that surrounded her. Inside old eyes peered at her through the thick smoke of the incense that hung in the air. "Have no fear Granddaughter, come and look into the Crystal and set your feet on a new path to wander." Wrinkled hands moved rhythmically over the smooth surface of a crystal ball sat upon a velvet laden table in front of the old gypsy woman.

Quite suddenly she stopped the movement with a soft chuckle and pushed aside the ball. "All right, I can see from your face you are unimpressed Granddaughter. I'll cut to the chase. Our people ... your people ... we owe a favour to a friend. He has a problem he wants a peaceful resolution to. Your Sisters speak highly of your talents with tongue, touch and blade. Valuable qualities for such a task... So, Granddaughter, will you serve the Family as once the Family suckled you on its teat?"

Before she can even reply. "Good girl. Two days from now, when the sun rises. Go to Bloodstone Hall and say you are there to help out Count Varis with his little problem. Tell him his Little Bird sent you. Quick, now girl! Go! A customer is coming!" [/sblock]

[sblock=Wat] "Stay a while longer, young Wat. Your father and his temple can wait." The elven woman smiled at him invitingly from the still warm sheets, her youthful face tangled in golden curls. "A storm is brewing far from the walls that attempt to hold you in, Wat. I can't tell you everything, but you can play a part. Have you heard of Count Varis?"

The invoker stopped at the word storm. The small elven woman knew she had him, and smiled. "A representative of Jove could be a valuable asset to the Count. But not a man of the cloth, soft and frail. A man of thunder and lightning on the other hand ..."

As the two fell back amongst the sheets and day break turned to sun set, she whispered to him of a meeting 3 days hence that would take place shortly after sunrise in Bloodstone Hall. [/sblock]

[sblock=Grey] A rare quiet had settled upon the usual buzz of the market place, though there remained a low rumble of amusement as onlookers exchanged comments. Their amusement was punctuated by the fall of hammer upon wood as the offending drunkards now obediently repaired everything their early morning brawl had damaged under the stern gaze of the pointy eared monk who had single handedly pacified them.

"That was quite a show" said the young boy sat atop a nearby barrel before biting into his apple. "I liked the part where you made them line up and apologise! Hahaha! Line up! That was brilliant! Did you see how red their faces blushed! Although that might have been a side effect from their heads getting in the way of your fists again and again."

Hopping to the floor, the boyish gnome approached the monk licking the juice from his fingers "Now, don't think me rude, Grey, but I couldn't help overhearing you when you bought your Gate Tickets..." The gnome's grin widens as the monk at last gives him his full attention. "I know of a better place for you to ... test your talents. I have a friend you see, cautious fellow ... once you've finished here, I think he'd like to meet you. He's looking for a man for a special mission. Peace keeping ... not unlike what you did a moment ago. Don't worry about your ticket, Chuckles will get you a refund! How are you with small boats?" As the gnome led the monk up to meet Count Varis the market place resumed to normality. [/sblock]

GM: If anyone is unhappy with the slant I've given their invite please just let me know and we can work on something together.
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[sblock=Streetwise DC 8; Requires Active Roll] The neighbouring island of Elestial is in a state of open conflict which is affecting trade around the Crystal Isles, in particular coffee, tobacco, spices and foodstuffs. [sblock=Streetwise DC 10] The conflict stems from tensions between the natives of the town of Crystalbrook and the elves of the nearby Sildaine Forest. [sblock=Streetwise DC 12]The conflict has escalated over the course of a year. Each side claims innocence and faults the other. But the conflict has spilled over to reduce trade from the island to a trickle, many of the crops falling prey to malicious sabotage. [sblock=Streetwise DC 16] For a year, unnatural winds and mists have battered the area around Crystal brook. Worse, bizarre blue-skinned fey creatures have emerged from the fog to pillage and murder. Townsfolk blame these misfortunes on the fey of the nearby Sildaine Forest. The fey claim innocence, faulting Crystalbrook's people for hidden black magic that has attracted the wrath of primal spirits.
Crystalbrook's warriors trespass into the forest to hunt game and the mist monsters, but such intrusions lead inevitably to clashes with elf forest wardens. Townspeople have bullied and cheated fey visitors. Brash fey have stolen livestock from outlying farms, played harmful pranks and destroyed crops. Sildaine elves tax caravans heavily on the main routes which all pass through the forest. Travelers have been harassed along nearby roads, resulting in several deaths, countless injuries, and more accusations. [sblock=Streetwise DC 20]Nearly two weeks ago, Orlando-son of Lady Anya Tamora, ruler of Crystalbrook-went missing. On the same day, an elf maiden named Juliana vanished. She happens to be the daughter of Lord Carric, chief among the Sildaine elves. The loss of and search for the missing youths has
taken the fire out of Lady Tamora and Lord Carrico. Both recently appealed to the ruler of Sybar, Count Varis, for mediation and aid. Hoping to maintain stability in the region, Count Varis has sent out a call for adventurers. [/sblock][/sblock][/sblock][/sblock][/sblock]

The sun has risen over an hour ago, and still you sit waiting within Bloodstone Hall within the confines of Count Varis's palace, with little else to do but stare impatiently at the gouts of red and white that mark the dark green walls. A nervous castellan let you in, nodding vigorously as you spoke your purpose as if to say, 'Yes, yes I know.' He then left you wordlessly with these other folk before a table full of fruit, cheese, fresh bread, smoked meat and steaming hot coffee, most of which is now gone but for the crumbs. Apart from the others ushered inside with you, you have seen no one since.

GM: Adventure thread open. Go ahead and meet each other, introduce yourselves etc. The game has begun! :D
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"...like Poseidon himself pried me sails of tha' mast and next thing yer know, tha' bilge-sucking gypsy woman's ship sped ahead like she had a hun'red hands on deck!"

And so, Themes relates his tale of how the great pirate tribe lost a race to a young woman to the ragtag group that gathered.

"And me uncle Guntar! Blabbering blubber-mouth! He couldn't see a trap if it dressed itself in a purty, frilled white-gown and pranced in front o' his fat face!" Themes spat.

"And she was! Little lass had a mug so smug, I'd have cut her face off meself if I weren't so upset aboot' tha' sails..."

[sblock=Streetwise 11]http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3511387/[/sblock]


Zuri sat at one end of the table, listening politely to the Genasi weave his nautical tale. She smiled at all the right spots, and chuckled quietly at the man's conclusion. It seemed the sociable thing to do.

She held her fingers cupped loosely around a mug to keep from moving them around in anxious motion as she considered the others who were waiting for Varis.

[sblock="streetwise=21"]1d20+7 → [14,7] = (21)[/sblock]

[sblock="mini stats"]Zuri
Eladrin Rogue 1
Initiative +4
Passive Perception 15 / Insight 10
AC: 16, F/R/W:12/16/13, Speed 6
HP: 24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 6/6
Action Points: 1


MBA: Dagger, +6 vs AC, 1d4+3
At-Will:Disheartening Strike, Riposte Strike
(e)Surprise Strike:
(e)Torturous Strike:
(e)Fey Step:
(D)Precise Incision:

Combat notes: Sneak attack is 2d6+2


The conclusion of the tale, however, merely provokes a raised eyebrow from the very pale skinned Tiefling woman and that itself is hidden under a low fringe of shockingly blue hair. The only time she's spoken since entering the room was to gently thank Zuri when she passed the coffee pot over.

She'd already sipped her coffee whilst it was still steaming hot.

[sblock="Streetwise:"]Total 13. [/sblock]


The castellan opens the door once more, this time for a young unnnaturally pale human clad in dark black scale mail.

For a brief moment the light casts a strange shadow over the heavily armoured male's features and you instinctively prepare for combat as you normally would when faced with something from beyond the grave.

The unease passes as soon as it arrives, the spark of life in his dark grey eyes and easy smile upon his lips quickly putting you at ease.

"It appears I am not the only one Count Varis has summoned. Well met all, I am Kartuus."

Briefly nodding his head at the strange group assembled, the warrior takes his place leaning against a wall, joining in the conversation while recalling what he has learned from his brief time in Sybar.

Upon entering the room, Sabynha was a little surprised. Whomever Nani owed the favour to must have done a lot of other folks favours too.

A little unsure of herself, she took an apple (the last one) from a basket, and began to eat it as she sized up the others in the room. Upon hearing the "bilge-sucking gypsy" remark, she bit her tongue and consciously kept her hands at her sides - albeit with clenched fists - and away from the daggers that were sheathed to the backside of her colourful buckler that she wore like an oversized belt-buckle. It wouldn't do any good to mess things up and have her poor Nani looking the fool; the old woman's wrath was not something her or any of her sisters wished upon themselves, or even some of their enemies.

As much as the creepy knight gave her chills, she was glad his entrance cut off any further tales from the blue-skinned one. Restraint was not one of Sabynha's strong suits, and she didn't know if she could hold back if another insult were issued.

Like the other women, she stayed quiet.



"Ahoy-hoy, there." said Themes as he turns around to greet the newcomer. "Oy! What's be the matter with you people. Ya'll look so pale, ye be whiter than me mommie's pearls!"

"These landlubbers! Like ol' Davy Jones has their grip on them already, so pale, so silent."
he winks at Zuri.

"Now put 'er thar!" Themes said and he extends his arm toward the pale man.

[sblock=If he does]Kartuus' hand goes right through Themes' hand, like it's made out of water.
"ARR! BUTTAH-FINGAHS!" Themes roars.[/sblock]

OOC: EDIT: I forgot we had a genuine gypsy amongst our group. Will post in more in the OOC thread...
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The sound of hurried steps fills the hall coming ever closer to door. There thud of body on wood echoes throughout the chamber.

A few, tense moments later, the door is pulled open and a young priest of Joven is escorted into the room. He wears a suit of gleaming mail and a symbol of his faith hangs around his neck. In one hand he carries a stout, hardwood staff, the weapon of his deity.

He breathes deeply, but not raggedly. He may not be a regular sprinter, but he is hale enough to run in a suit of mail without collapsing from exhaustion afterwards.

Seeing others in the room calms him.

"Looks like I haven't missed it after all."

He walks to his seat, greeting the others by making eye contact and smiling. When he meets the eyes of the lovely ladies, he lingers a little longer and his smile is more sincere.

"Name is Wat."

He takes his seat and slowly becomes lost in thought.
The reputation of the priesthood of Joven is well-known, even to heathen Vistani, and this fair example was obviously not without his charms, nor his endurance. Sabinha filed that little nugget away for later, returning his genuine and somewhat flirty smile with one of her own.


"Aye, 'ardly any chance of missing anything here really. Da most exciting thin' da' happened was when some bloke fell o'er when he served us da goodies there." Themes replied as he points with his sword towards the now-empty plates.

"Laughed till I fell rai' over, I did...hehe. Silly landlubbers and their jelly-legs."


The pale Tiefling stands and with her hands clasped together in front greets the newcomers with a shallow bow held at the waist and a quiet greeting, "Good day to you both. I am called Rain."

She straightens and after what seems a sufficiently appropriate amount of time in her eyes, she sits back down, clearly not expecting a response.


Deeming this an appropriate time to chime in, Zuri waved an arm in the direction of the new arrivals. She smiled and introduced herself, "Zuri."

It was an eclectic group that Varis had drawn together, Zuri thought, glancing from one person to the next. If this was truly about what she thought, the eladrin could only hope that the varied nature of the group would be an asset. Then again, maybe Varis was only going to bestow his task on one of them. In which case, she sat a little straighter as she mused, it would be her.

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When the tiefling introduces herself, the name fills the young priests mind with thoughts of a gentle spring shower, the clean scent in the air left after a purifying wash.

"Rain... I like that name."


"I just looove when it rains. Always cheers me up, I hate all this sun we've been having recently. Too dry. Sometimes you need a good pour to keep your spirits up, ya know what I mean?" Themes chipped in.


After an hour, the castellan returns to the hall. He seems more at ease as he says, "The count can see you now."
He leads you into a small chamber where the count, a handsome young human with numerous smile lines on his tanned face, leans over a desk covered with papers. Whispering in his ear is a delicately built elven female her face hidden by a mane of golden curls. The count nods to her as he writes on a document, imprints his seal on the paper, sprinkles dust on the ink, and hands it to her. She stands up to reveal green eyes that sparkle with experience marking her as woman and not the girl that her youthful face might have you believe. She winks at ... Themes or was it Wat ... and then turns on her heels and leaves as though in a great hurry.

The count pushes the other papers scattered before aside. Dismissing the castellan with a gesture, he smiles warmly at you all and says, "Please sit down," indicating luxurious couches and chairs opposite the desk. "I apologizefor the wait. I'll never catch up on matters of state, but I have a task for you that can lighten the burden for me and everyone in this region.

"I ask you to officially represent me in the matter of the problems between the town of Crystalbrook and the fey of the Sildaine Forest. I am assuming you will have heard the rumours, people are talking about it in every bar and tavern in town. This unrest within the Isles is very bad for business and I would have a stop to it.

In this, you must be impartial, as I am. Use your talents to keep the peace. The situation was already problematic enough ... and two youths have gone missing, Juliana and Orlando ... hmm, but now I may be getting ahead of myself. How much of what is going on upon the neighbouring island of Elestial are you aware of?"


Rain greets the Count with a somewhat deeper bow than those she gave previously, "It is an honour to meet you, your Grace. I am called Rain." She bows again.

"I'm afraid that all I've heard is that exchanges of sabotage have been occurring there over the last year. Though I arrived here recently from Elestial, my time on the island was spent sequested in one of the far eves of the forest; I saw very little of anything whilst I was there."